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Pink Tools Prove They're YOURS

Pink Tools Prove They’re YOURS

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 Women’s Pink Tools? Why?


Do you believe,  as I do, that women’s pink tools are a necessity? Here’s a hypothetical situation….let’s say that in the course of your day, you need a screwdriver to fix something you could very easily fix, but all the screwdrivers are either gone with your husband’s tool box in the car, or in the garage locked up in your husband’s tool box and he has the key.


What are your options? Wait until he gets home to fix it for you? Or wait until he gets home to provide you with a screwdriver?  If you’re like me, I don’t like either option. When I want something done, I want it done NOW, not hours later. Plus the fact that I like to do things for myself. If you’re like that too, you can solve that  with  your own set of tools for all those little fix-it chores. Well okay, you say, but why should they be PINK?

Okay, But Why PINK Tools?

Here’s why….because you will know they’re yours! You will know if someone has picked them up, used them and left them lay. You will also probably not have to worry too much about them being gone, because hubby won’t want to be ragged by his buddies about using pink tools.  It’s a win/win situation.




What A Gift!

What A Gift!

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 Pink Tools For Women


I’m in love with these things!


Have it your way Ladies! These days, more women need to make their own home repairs. Be independent and have your own tools! What’s more, there can be no doubt they’re yours, because they’re P I N K. Every woman finds there are times she needs a screwdriver, pliers, or other tools around the house. I think the best thing is that if they’re mislaid by someone (husband?) you can identify them as your own, instead of arguing over which tool box they belong in. And further, pink gadgets and tools have become more popular these days, partly due to the Breast Cancer movement. There’s no end to all the pink gadgets and tools you can find now.


Greater Comfort For A Woman’s Hand

They have ergonomic comfort grip handles, with a smaller grip area, giving a woman’s hand greater ease of use. The hammers, pliers, etc. are still tough enough to do the job, but easier to use than the man-sized tools. An 18-pocket zip up bag contains 6-inch long nose pliers, 6-inch slip joint pliers, 6-inch adjustable wrench, 12-ounce tubular steel hammer, 9-inch magnetic level, 12-inch by 5/8-inch tape measure, three screwdrivers, magnetic bit driver, 19 insert bits in holders including slotted, hex, Phillips, square and star, 1/4-inch adapter fastener set.


Pink Tool Belt – To Carry Pink Tools!


If you’re an independent lady who likes to do her own repairs around the house, here’s the perfect thing for you. Not only are the tools pink, but so is the tool bag. It’s also handy when you’re cleaning. Just take your cleaning supplies with you, and it will save you steps in the long run. Husbands are nice to do the chores, but there are times when they’re away at work or play, and something needs to be fixed. Instead of waiting for him, you can do it yourself and be proud to say you fixed it when he comes home. Then there are us gals who don’t have a man around the house, and we always do our own repairs, unless it’s something like an air conditioner, refrigerator, furnace, or something of the nature better left to those who specialize in such things. But for routine chores, tasks and basic repairs, pink tools are the thing!



Pink Gloves


Okay, so you’re self-sufficient, always wanting to do your own repairs. But there’s no reason not to protect your hands and nails from injury and roughness. These gloves can do just that, and they’re also…you guessed it….pink! So everyone in the house knows they belong to you and only you. Now you can get to work whenever you want to, without fear of ruining that manicure.


 Pink Drill

This hardworking drill holds a charge for up to 18 months. It has a right angle and offset attachment for hard-to-reach places, an LED work light, and the 1/4-inch hex bit holder makes changing common bits fast and easy. A woman with pink tools has got to have a pink drill.

An added bonus to buying this Pink drill is that 10% of the sales are donated to the Susan G. Komen Foundation.



Pink Tool Set, 135 Pieces – An extended repair kit that will cover everything you need.

Do you know a woman who takes pride in being independent, and makes her own home repairs? This Pink Tool Set with 135 pieces would make a great Christmas or birthday or any day gift for her. It’s a more extensive collection of tools than the normal, everyday tools needed for home repairs. But things happen, and sometimes you just never know when you’re going to need something for a more complicated job. This is a perfect gift for just such a lady.


Pink Rolling Tool Chest

A Place To Keep Your Tools.

If you are a woman who takes pride in having her own tools, you probably have many of them. In that case, you really need a place to keep your tools when not in use. This steel 5-drawer rolling tool chest will do the job. No doubt that it’s yours, because it’s PINK. It also comes in a 2 drawer size for carrying your tools with you.



So, to sum it all up, every woman deserves her own tools to make those little around-the-house repairs that become necessary from time to time. And why not have them in a color that signifies they belong to a woman?

If you like those, maybe you’ll like these too. All are available on this page from Amazon.