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Jacques Cazotte, did he prophesize his own death?

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Were These Visions of Death?

Author Jacques Cazotte sat at a dinner table in Paris, France in 1788, and startled the other guests at the table by prophesying events during the coming French Revolution. Then he turned to his friends and told them of his visions of death for several of them, astounding and causing their consternation. How would one react to such a thing?

More Prophecies

There was an audible gasp, when he told Nicolas Chamfort, a celebrated playwright, “You will cut your veins with a razor 22 times – but you will not die until some months later.” Turning to the Marquis de Condorcet, philosopher and mathematician, he predicted “You will die on the floor of a prison cell, having taken poison to cheat the executioner.” But to some, the most astounding prediction was to critic and playwright Jean de la Harpe, an avowed atheist. “You, my friend, will become a devout Christian.”

Those Prophecies Came True

  1. Nicolas Chamfort worked for the revolution in the early days, but became disillusioned with its excesses and publicly criticized the movement. In 1793, faced with his impending imprisonment, he tried, but failed — to kill himself by slashing his wrists. He died a painful death months later, as Cazotte foretold.
  2. The Marquis de la Condorcet, elected to the Revolutionary Assembly, acted as secretary for a time. But he began to oppose the Reign of Terror and became outlawed. Two days after his imprisonment, he was found dead on the floor of his cell. He had cheated the executioner, just as Cazotte said.
  3. Jean de la Harpe was also thrown into prison. There, he searched his soul, reconsidered his spiritual state, and became a staunch Catholic.

Cazotte’s Final Prophecy

As for Cazotte himself, his visionary powers were the cause of suspicion; people thought he was some sort of sorcerer. After embracing the ideas of the Illuminati, he became a hunted, wanted man. Sadly, in a vision,  he saw his own death and predicted it and the events leading to it. It happened exactly as he said it would; he was guillotined the following month, in September 1792. But it didn’t happen until after he escaped with the help of his daughter, and was captured and executed.

So, with all this evidence, do you think the gift of prophecy is a real thing? Do you think there are others in the world who can foresee future events? Some say such famous  people as Winston Churchill had the gift of prophecy….that he predicted WWI among other events, yet no one talks about it.

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