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Is Trump Looking For Peace?

Is Trump Looking For Respect and Courtesy?

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Trump Won’t Go Away

America is in another election season, this one for the big guy, the top banana, the President of the United States. Our current President, Donald J. Trump won’t go away. He is up for re-election in 2020, having won in 2016 by Electoral Votes. His opponent Hillary Clinton took popular vote in California and New York, but Donald J. Trump won more counties and more states than she did, thereby giving him the win. Now he’s running for his second term and the word is that he’s a sure thing for it, because he’s responsible for the rise in our country’s economy and jobs.

He Doesn’t Play By The Usual Rules

One of the things we’ve learned through our elections these many years of our existence, is that politicians get really down and dirty in their remarks about their opponents. That’s where the trouble with Trump comes in, he won’t go away. Trump is unlike any  other politician because he doesn’t play by the usual rules. He’s not looking for respect and courtesy from those running against him. He’s blunt, brash, brazen, speaks what he thinks and aggravates the other candidates with his methods. America is listening to what he says and in many cases, applauding his comments. His opponents have tried and tried, but they don’t know how to shut him up. Trump won’t go away.

Swearing in on January 20, 2017, Inauguration Day, left to right: Donald Trump, wife Melania, children, Don Jr., Barron, Ivanka, Eric, and Tiffany, with Chief Justice John Roberts at far right, administering oath

Trump Finds A Way Over, Under, Around or Through Obstacles

He’s like an itch they can’t scratch, a rash they can’t soothe. There’s no ointment or medication that will stop it. Why doesn’t he just go away? Good question, but he doesn’t know how to do that, he has never walked away from a challenge in his life, no matter how difficult. Trump finds a way, over, under, around or through obstacles, in order to reach his goal. His opponents would do well to research his life and how he met obstacles head on. Possibly that would give them a clue as to how to defeat him….and then again, maybe not. It might just make it more tough for them because Trump won’t go away.

Trump Gets The Working Man and Woman’s Attention

Before now, an unwritten rule of politics is that you undermine the other guy by calling their views into question, while on the surface, you remain polite and gentlemanly. Trump doesn’t play by the rules. He makes his own, rattles opponents by going for the jugular and calling into question what they say, and doing it in a way that gets the working man and woman’s attention. Trump is a businessman whose dealings with the general public over the years caused him to develop a unique talent for understanding their way of thinking. When he uses that ability, they listen to him. This is what his opponents don’t understand and in the end, it guarantees Trump won’t go away.

How Trump Interferes With the Status Quo

Once again Trump interferes with the “regular way of doing things.” He rattles other contenders, which results in the WORLD, not just the United States, either foaming at the mouth or applauding everything he says. From the beginning, he was treated differently than others running for the same job. Though he is wealthy, and previously sought after by both Democrats and Republicans for his generous donations to their causes, he has become THE one to pick on, to push around, and to harangue. They couldn’t get enough of him at the big parties and lavish affairs. They coveted his favor, because they looked for the big bucks he could donate to their cause. But before he ever opened his mouth to say the things that stir people up, he was never welcome in the snooty group of career politicians. For some reason, they think they are better than him. They, who are probably as corrupt a bunch of organized people as any other in the world. They all become millionaires several times over once they become politicians. Now, because he has thrown open the door to their wrongdoings, they make up stories about him…that he’s racist, biased against gays, or morally bankrupt. Oh and let’s not forget that he was perfectly sane until he became President yet now they’ve added that he’s mentally ill. Every day there’s a new rumor about him. But although he’s carved out a niche as the “bad boy” to politicians and the media, he’s the “good guy” to a vast audience of Americans. No one else has managed this duality. Yes, most Americans are glad that Trump won’t go away.

The Nomination Is Only The Beginning

One thing to remember is, there is such a thing as Electoral Votes in the United States. Hillary Clinton got 227 Electoral votes to Donald Trump’s 304. Electoral votes constitute 538 in number and are allotted between the states. The candidate receiving  270 votes (majority) will win the election against the popular vote of the people. It’s how George W. Bush won the election over Al Gore in 2000, winning 271 electoral votes to Gore’s 266. It’s happened four times in the history of our nation; In 1876 Rutherford B. Hayes won by electoral votes against Samuel J. Tilden, in 1888 Benjamin Harrison won by the majority of electoral votes, though he didn’t receive the popular vote against Grover Cleveland. But the real shocker was the earlier election in 1824 when John Quincy Adams and Andrew Jackson went toe-to-toe. Neither man was elected by either popular or electoral votes, and the decision went to the House of Representatives, who then voted Adams into the White House. It makes one wonder what they would think about Trump, the man who won’t go away.

Winning the Opposing Nomination Comes First

But one thing to remember is this, none of the people running against him have a chance at the Presidency unless they first win their respective party’s nomination. We don’t yet know who will get their shot at the job until the Democrats hold their 12 debates and a leader emerges from the mix. Two were held in June with a vast array of Democrats. Some have already dropped out. The next debate is said to be in September. When the field narrows down, as the debates continue, the winner will become more evident. Once that happens, he will be nominated and given the backing and financial support of the Democrat Party. And though we don’t know NOW who that is going to be, we do know this:  Trump won’t go away!

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