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Road Trip Time

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It’s summer: road trip time for many of us. We try to get away each summer for a week or two. Sometimes it’s even longer depending on the distance we’re traveling. No matter whether it’s a long or short trip, there are items that make it more comfortable and convenient as we take them along. Here are a few of my favorites that you might also like.

Thermos Brand Travel Mug

I like to have my hot coffee along on the ride, because we usually leave early and I need more than one cup to banish the sleep from my eyes. Until now, every travel mug I’ve owned has been a big disappointment in one way or another. Most of them did not keep the beverage hot or cold long enough and few of them were actually leak-proof. Many mugs proclaim they do these things, but I’ve never had one that actually accomplished it, until a recent road trip to visit relatives in Wisconsin and Minnesota.

I Checked It Out

A couple months before leaving I looked online to find a thermal travel mug, hoping I could find one that at least kept the beverage inside it and at the proper temperature. While browsing through the products available on Amazon, I came across so many different mugs it became confusing, and some of them I already had and they didn’t do the job. Finally, my attention was drawn to a tall, stately looking Thermos brand, saying it was a leak-proof travel mug. I checked out the recommendations other customers gave and they sounded very positive. Yeah, sure I thought! But something kept drawing me back to that particular cup and finally I decided I’d order two of them, and check them out before our trip. They weren’t expensive so if they didn’t work I wouldn’t lose much.

I ordered one in red for me, (my favorite color) and one blue, for my partner and we decided to check them out locally to see how well they performed. On a trip around town for various errands including a doctor’s appointment, we filled them with ice water, closed the top and were gone for about four hours with the cup sitting in the car in the sun all that time. I might mention that this was in the heat of the summer in Las Vegas, Nevada. We were pleasantly surprised when we learned at the end of our jaunt that the cold water was still cold and drinkable. No, we put no ice cubes in it, it was just cold water.

One success down, another to go! I was grateful the water was still cold, but what about a leak? Did this Thermos travel mug live up to its no-leak promise? Inquiring minds needed to know, so we deliberately turned the mug over and left it lay on the floorboard of the car in the driveway. There we left it overnight and next morning we opened the door of the car to….a DRY floorboard. Considering this a successful test, though not a completely definitive one, we took the mugs on our road trip. Oh, and yes the water WAS still drink-ably cold.

SUCCESS! We kept coffee hot for hours in these mugs, we kept ice water icy for hours, and not once, did a drop ever spill out of them, even if they got turned over, as long as we remembered to close it after drinking. That’s the important thing to remember. Here’s how it works: the cap of the cup screws snugly into place and there is a toggle on top to open or close the mug.

Here are other features that make this mug a definite favorite for a road trip.

  • Cup has a built in handle, making it easy to hold, even on rough roads.
  • It is a stainless steel, double walled, vacuum insulated cup, built with the same quality as the large Thermos brand thermal bottles.
  • Easy to use for right or left handed folks, just simply put the opening where you want it to be for your comfort, and turn the cap until snug.
  • As the cap goes on, it creates a vacuum seal, preventing leaks.
  • The toggle on top may be placed where it’s convenient for you to drink, and can be opened and closed with one hand. Handy for driving.


Car Trash Bag

Busy Life Car Trash Bag – Keep Car Litter Out of Site with Our Handy Car Trash Bag – Leak Proof Design and Easy Wipe Liner – Great for Road Trips and Commuters

When you’re on a road trip, you tend to accumulate trash, due to snacks, kleenex, hand wipes (more about those later.) As good citizens we do not throw our trash out the window. So what’s a person to do with it? Get one of these car trash bags shown here, and put your trash there. Whenever you stop to fill up for gas, or to buy food it’s time to empty it. That way it’s always an available and handy place to put your disposables.

Here are the features of the Busy Life Trash Bag you will love.

  • Metal support around the opening allows easy access to put your trash in.
  • Equipped with a Clip and Slip buckle which allows attachment to any part of the car.
  • Velcro closure allows you to keep trash out of sight during your ride.
  • Easy wipe clean liner helps you keep the trash bag clean and fresh.
  • Mesh pockets can hold wipes, air freshners or other small items.
  • 12″ wide by 6″ deep by 12″ tall, about 3 gallons in volume, is perfect for the trash accumulated by the average person in a car. Longer than that, it begins to stink.
  • Lifetime guarantee by the family-owned company, Busy Life Products will refund or replace anything you aren’t satisfied with.


First Aid Kit

Small Travel First Aid Kit for the Car or Home in Soft Zipper Case

You never know when a small medical emergency may arise, even on a road trip. I like to be prepared for such things with this Always Prepared Travel First Aid Kit. For minimal cuts, bruises, etc. this little kit is perfect for travel. Here are a few of its features.

  • Takes little space, is lightweight, weighing only 1.1 pounds, measuring  7.5x2x5.1″
  • Contains scissors, tweezers, blanket, poncho, sterile bandages, q-tips, band-aids, antiseptic towelettes, antiseptic iodine pads and a sewing kit among other things.
  • Lifetime Always Prepared guarantee, for refund or replacement.


Emergency Car/Roadside Kit

Always Prepared 65-Piece Roadside Assistance Auto Emergency Kit with Jumper Cables
Another thing you might want to make sure you have with you is an Emergency Travel Kit that contains battery jumper cables. You may already have something along this line, but if not, this is the perfect thing, indispensable for a safe road trip. It’s made by the same folks who make the First Aid Kit shown on this page, but it’s in case of automobile emergencies. This is also a great gift for a first time car buyer. Here are its features.

  • 8-gauge copper wire battery cables.
  • Contains wrenches, sockets, light sticks, poncho, gloves, tow strap, glow-in-the-dark vest, emergency triangle, window breaker and seat belt cutter, flashlight, multi-tool pliers, and tire gauge among other items.
  • Always Prepared Lifetime refund or Replacement guarantee.


Fresh Wipes

Finally, when traveling with children or a baby, it’s a sure thing that they will manage to soil themselves somehow. Not only that, but we grownups can get messy too. You know how chocolate is, and Cheetos, and potato chips, and well…..It’s good to have something with you that doesn’t require stopping at an inconvenient place. These wipes shown below can be used on any part of the body without worry of harsh chemicals. These are their features.

Pampers Sensitive Wipes Travel Pack 56 Count (Pack of 3)

  • 20% thicker than regular wipes
  • Soft grip texture to gently clean
  • Perfume free and hypoallergenic

These are things you might want to make sure you have on a road trip. Snacks? Well sure, but those are as individual and plentiful as noses on faces, so I won’t make recommendations on those!! Have a good road trip, be safe, and enjoy!!