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Elegant Lenox Holly Leaf Candy Dish

Elegant Lenox Holly
Leaf Candy Dish

Available here: Lenox Holly Leaf Candy Dish by Lenox

Special Candy Dishes 

Gifting someone you love with homemade candy or snacks? A great way to show them your love on sight is to use a special, meaningful candy dish. They know they’re loved already, but this says “I Love You” year after year. I’ve picked out six special occasion candy dishes that you may find just right for your home or for that special person. These shown here may just be perfect for someone you love. I have included links at the bottom of this page to my homemade candy recipes for Easy Rocky Road Candy, Homemade Peanut Brittle, Buttermilk Fudge, Old-Fashioned Chocolate Fudge, in case you want to put something homemade in your new gift candy dishes.

Heart shaped dishes are always a big hit. It shows immediately the love you feel toward the person you’re gifting. There’s no doubt that love will shine year after year as they put out a special heart shaped container filled with snacks for themselves or guests.

Available here:
Lane Design Ceramic Love Letter Dish, Heart Shape, White

What about Valentine’s Day, birthday, or Mother’s Day gift? A heart shaped candy dish filled with their favorite snack is a perfect path to their heart. This ceramic dish is made with an open heart design that may be filled with a small dish of colorful flowers. Then fill the candy dish with your loved one’s favorite treats. Very decorative for your own use too, and makes a statement for your loved one’s enjoyment for birthday, for your significant other’s enjoyment.

During the holidays I like to have a filled candy dish in my home, ready for anyone who drops in. It’s also a nice spot for a little treat for myself, on heading out to shop,  or a sweet taste while I clean and decorate for the holidays.  This can also be a gift to hold your homemade candy (check out the recipe links at the end of this page.) Put the candy into a special occasion candy dish, cover with Press ‘n Seal and top with a festive bow. Or put the candy into a covered candy dish like this one below. It’s a special treat right away, plus a lasting reminder of your love and thoughtfulness throughout the year.
Available here: StudioSilversmiths 44041 Round Crystal Candy Box On Feet

Candy Dishes  For A Festive Decor

Christmastime is a busy time. I want to make it easy as possible during the holidays to entertain guests. There’s so many things to do, I use everything I can to make it easier. With all the decorating, cooking and cleaning, these festive dishes make my decorating easier with their special colors and designs. I usually put different snacks in each one and distribute them around in convenient places for my visitors. It gives my house a festive atmosphere, even without other decorations. This candy dish below is probably my favorite of all, so if you missed it above, here it is again.  Classic dish for a beautiful party hostess gift. It goes well with either traditional decor or contemporary furnishings, and anyone who receives it would be pleased. It’s a sign of the winter season as much as of Christmas so you should be comfortable giving it to anyone.

Available here:  Lenox Holly Leaf Candy Dish by Lenox
Available here:  Slant 6″ diameter Candy Bowl

Do you or someone you know keep a candy dish on your desk all the time? People tend to think of candy as something they should not have, but having a hard candy in your mouth, can freshen your spirits and your energy. If you are afraid of too much sugar, there are sugarless candies that are quite tasty. Or fill it with nuts or small snacks. If your spouse or loved one is frequently at the desk for long stretches, this dish is perfect for that as he or she can grab a handful of treats without breaking concentration to remove a lid,  just reach inside.

Available Here:  Studio Silversmiths Crystal Red Candy Dish

This crystal and red candy dish can brighten up any room, and if it’s filled with scrumptious candy, so much the better. You could of course, fill it with nuts or snacks of any other kind. This bowl’s beauty shines with anything that’s in it. It’s multi-occasion design makes it the perfect gift for anyone, anytime.

As promised, here are links to my special recipes for homemade candy. Holiday time or any time, it’s the perfect time to make and serve them.

Easy Rocky Road Candy Recipe

Homemade Peanut Brittle Recipe

Buttermilk Fudge

Old-Fashioned Cocoa Fudge