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Solar patio lighting enhances your landscaping and protects your safety at the same time.

Solar patio lighting enhances your landscaping and protects your safety.


Solar Patio Lighting – Glowing In The Night

When the sun goes down and there’s not much moonlight, be prepared with solar patio lighting. Your gathering or party need not come to a halt because it’s dark. Solar light systems are easy to install and easy on the budget. This applies to both when you buy them and when you use them, because they use the power of the sun gathered during the day. They’re also decorative and add another layer of security to your home, patio, deck, porch, lanai or verandah.

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Safety Is A Bonus

Outdoor lighting helps to keep those who would harm your or your family at bay. No crook wants to take the chance of being seen where they shouldn’t be. These lights also aid in extra lighting for motion cameras, providing a better view of those who might want to intrude on your home.

Personal Safety

Too many falls result when a person can’t see where they’re walking. With solar lights, from the moment the sun goes down you’re assured of knowing where you step. This prevents accidents from happening for everyone.

No More Forgetting To Turn On Your Outside Lights

Solar lighting is convenient all the way around, especially since you don’t have to remember to turn them on or off. These lights do it automatically, so that coming home after dark is no problem, they’re on. Being able to see your keyhole for placing the key in the lock from the glow of the lamp is comforting too. And during the day these lights do nothing but absorb sunlight, readying themselves for their job when the sun goes down.

Solar Crackle Glass Patio Lighting

These solar crackle glass orbs actually change color as they glow, setting a beautiful scene on your patio, verandah, or lanai. Put them down your walk from the patio to the garden and watch your yard take on a fairy land look. As with all solar lighting, you never have to turn them on or off! They gather solar energy during the day, turn on at night, and when the sun rises they turn off, ready to re-charge with solar energy for another night. All without effort on your part.

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Tree Lighting! Have You Heard of It?

One of the things people like to do these days, is to have outdoor parties with hanging solar lights in their trees. A beautiful glow greets you and your guests on the patio, with these lights keeping your trees lit at night. This is a popular method of lighting a patio or a garden for outdoor parties. This is only one of the styles available on Amazon, and the ones shown here may do double duty as staked lights or hanging lanterns.

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Solar Polynesian Torches Are Also Available

If you like the look of a Polynesian theme, but you’re a little shy of having actual flame so close to the house and the guests, there’s a perfect solution. Try these Solar Tiki Torches, some of which have the flicker of fire, to get that tropical feel. For a Polynesian party, or just because you like the ambience, these Solar Tiki Torches can’t be beat.

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Need Table Top Lighting?

Solar Table Top Lighting is available in several styles. It’s nice to be able to see who you’re talking to don’t you think? And to know where your drink is, so you don’t knock it over. Solar lighting is one of the best methods ever invented, relieving you of stress and allowing you to be carefree to join your guests.Β 

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