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Sleeping soundly in a sock monkey hat

Sleeping soundly in a sock monkey hat

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Sock Monkey Baby Clothes

Fun Wearables For Baby

Some of the sweetest baby clothes I’ve seen are Sock Monkey themed. Why would anyone want to dress their babies in something resembling a monkey? Because it’s darned cute, that’s why! It came about during the Great Depression in the 1930s and quickly spread to other items, including games, puzzles and children’s clothes. Once it became widespread, people loved the sweet, cheerful look. On this page I’ve brought together a few Sock Monkey kids clothes and  a little history of how the Sock Monkey was born out of poverty into the status of icon.


How Sock Monkey Came To Be

The first person to create a sock monkey toy from red heel socks is not known but we know the Sock Monkey originated in Rockford, Illinois. At that time, Depression era mothers began making toys for their little ones using their husband’s worn Rockford Sock Company Red Heel Work Socks. These socks were made on a knitting machine patented by a Swedish immigrant named John Nelson. The stuffed and sewn toy resembled a monkey with its red mouth (the heel of sock) and it began to sweep the country. Mothers particularly liked the homemade toy, because it was soft and safe for baby, easy to make and economical. Through the years it became known as a beloved icon, not only for toys, but for baby wear, children’s wear, and even grown up articles of clothing bearing the famous Sock Monkey grin. Eventually as times got better, mothers went to work outside the home and didn’t spend as much time crafting.  The Rockford Sock Company began making the famous Sock Monkey toy as early as 1932  and the cute little guy swept the nation.


 Today The Sock Monkey Lives On

The Sock Monkey lives on in varied themes, different colors, birthdays, some that sing through the wonder of electronics. No matter how they’re used they remain as a picture in the dictionary under the word “cute.” (Not really, but you know what I mean!) Below you’ll find various baby clothing items, in assorted sizes. Please make sure you note the size before buying.