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She’s Eccentric You Know


Behind cupped hands

they whisper words low

“What an odd person she is.

She’s eccentric you know.”

Wearing an old ragged shirt

with blue jeans cut low

Her hair is uncombed and tousled,

“She’s eccentric you know.”

Her children are unwashed,

too many pets in tow

She doesn’t seem to notice,

“She’s eccentric you know.”

Her house is in shambles,

the cleaning doesn’t show

She’s much too busy living,

“She’s eccentric you know.”

Someday they will gather

to hear the pastor’s words slow

“She lived her life for others,

she was eccentric you know.”

Her children in their anguish,

their heads hanging low

Receive these words with pride,

“She was eccentric, you know.”

One day there will be another

brow on which to bestow

Words proudly borne in her honor,

“She’s eccentric you know.”