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Available for purchase from Amazon below on this page

Available for purchase from Amazon below
on this page

The death of a loved one is never easy for any of us to deal with. When someone we love passes away from illness, accident, old age, it’s a sorrow and grief and we each cope with it in our own way. However, I believe that having a beloved life snatched away by a violent act is even more difficult. Author Linda Compton’s “Broken Ground of the Soul” is a must read for everyone who grieves over the death of a loved one. This is one of those deaths that should not have happened, when and how it did.

Linda’s niece had her life deliberately taken by her husband, someone who supposedly loved her. He betrayed her without conscience or remorse. I can only imagine her last moments, magnified in her mind by his betrayal. Then he covered up his crime in the most horrendous way, intending there to be nothing for the family to bury. A selfish, cruel man who cared nothing for anyone other than himself.

“Broken Ground of the Soul” deals with this story and with how the author found solace and healing in her own life. The title itself, speaks volumes as we most surely feel our soul is broken ground, that has been trampled, when someone we love is violently taken from us. Our souls find no peace, no understanding for such a thing. We can’t sleep, food is tasteless, and our focus is always the question, “Why? Why?” How can we begin to cope with the fact that the life of someone we love is wantonly destroyed?

Often, an event in our lives such as this affects us in a most negative way, causing us to lose our faith in our Creator. However, Linda Compton did not allow herself to be swayed in her faith, but began searching for healing. She began writing her feelings in a journal, hoping that expressing her thoughts each day would help. And then…..

“In the beginning, I was in a state of mute incredulity; my writing was never intended for publication. They were entries in my private journal. I was trying to make sense out of the senseless. I never questioned God. I feel I was led to the Psalms of lament and they became my voice.” ~ Linda Compton

Sharing a few pages of her journal with the Victim Witness Supervisor in the District Attorney’s Office, she was  urged to publish the story since she was a “voice for the voiceless.” Though it was difficult even to think of, she began to feel a moral obligation to share the story she had been unwillingly “given.” It’s a shattering story, but one that travels with companions of hope, redemption, and justice.

Writing “Broken Ground of the Soul” must have been therapy for her, a catharsis of the pent up agony and questions. But today, Linda Compton is at peace. She is able to see the beauty of the world, and yet know that there is much evil out there. She chooses to concentrate on the good she sees, and to speak out against the vile. And yes, she still mourns for her niece. She advises everyone to “feel their feelings, don’t let anyone tell them it is time to move on with their life or get over it…and also to realize that suffering is a choice.” She goes on, “We can experience healing, even when there is no cure or a loss cannot be reversed. We can also borrow someone else’s belief until we choose to reclaim our own.” I can attest to that fact in my own life.

And finally, she has a hope for “Broken Ground of the Soul,” and that is this:

“My hope for this book is that it will somehow get into the hands of all those whose lives it can touch and help in some way.”

Author’s Note:  I bought “Broken Ground of the Soul” some time ago from Amazon. I too, have had a loved one murdered during my lifetime, and this book has helped me in many ways. I highly recommend it to help you heal, cope and move forward with your life. It’s available for purchase at the link below.

&Broken Ground of the Soul: The Healing Power of the Psalmsnbsp;