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Live Laugh Love Modern Abstract Metal Wall Art Home Decor Decoration 28″h, 21″w

Metalworking: An Ancient Art

Metalworking has been known since ancient times. Examples of the craft have been found by archaeologists as they dig back through centuries in our earth. It’s still a popular art form today with metal art and jewelry making being foremost. But you can dress up your outdoor living space with metal patio wall decor without busting your budget. If you’re looking to decorate your patio, veranda, lanai or any outdoor living space, consider metal art for the walls. Metal weathers well, isn’t bothered by sun, wind or inclement weather. It seemingly lasts forever, which is why it’s found by archaeologists so frequently.

A Popular Theme: The Sun and Moon

When you use your porch, patio, lanai or veranda for either time of day, it’s fitting to have the moon and the sun represented there. This is probably the most popular theme of all, and found in various stages of lunar or solar development, either separately or together, on thousands of walls. There are several styles to be found, two of which I’ve shown below. If you prefer another style click on one of these and ask for sun and moon metal wall art.

Sun And Moon Metal Wall Art for Indoor or Outdoor Use, Brown

Decorative 16″ Round Sun / Moon Metal Wall Plaque
A popular theme for the patio, the sun and moon pattern. Works beautifully anywhere, inside or outside. You can’t go wrong with metal, because it will look beautiful for many years not matter where it is displayed.

A Different Kind of Refraction

Most of us think of the word refraction in connection with a visit to our eye doctor, when he uses a “phoropter,” trying hundreds of different lenses for your eyes to determine possible refractive error such as nearsightedness, farsightedness, astigmatism, or presbyopia. In metalworking there’s a different type of refraxion, indicating a certain way the metal is cut. When it is cut with certain lines, it combines light with dimension, which changes the appearance of the wall art sculpture from different angles of viewing. This is refraxion, which is the spelling usually used in the terms of metal working. This is what gives that “hologram” look to items of metal that are cut with this method. The sun face below is done with that same technique.

Next Innovations Multi Sun Face Refraxions 3D Wall Art, Multi


The Fleur-de-Lis, from the French Coat of Arms, is a popular pattern due to its flowing, graceful lines. You will find this pattern throughout metal wall art, as it decorates your wall gracefully and beautifully. You don’t have to be French to like this artwork, though many who have French ancestry do show it in this way. Oddly enough, many pieces of wall art containing the Fleur-de-Lis, call it “Tuscany Style,” which of course would be Italian.

Teal Turquoise Fleur De Lis Metal Vintage Style Ornate Medallion Iron Wall Sculpture Plaque Decoration

Home’Art Decorative Bronze-Color Iron Wall Hanging Decor Widget, Round Fleur-de-Lis Starburst Design

And finally, it’s about time! No really, it’s ABOUT time. If you need to know what time it is while you’re outside, this is the perfect timepiece for you. No more running into the house to look at the clock. This one is a battery operated quartz movement, with Roman numbers, and a durable steel construction. Put it on your patio or an outside wall, it will last for many years.

LightInTheBox 20″H Country Style Metal wall clock Home Dรฉcor Clocks


Perhaps keeping time is a less formal thing in your house. If so, here’s a clock for your patio that is durable metal, runs on battery, and has a more colorful, casual feel.

Large Metal Contemporary Wall Clock