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"If only I had one more day ..."

“One More Day” Book Review

When someone you love is suddenly gone, haven’t you said, as I have many times, “If only I had one more day with her/him?” As I read “One More Day” by author Kelly Simmons, I was caught up in the mystery surrounding a missing child. But the heartbreak and grief of the mother was the stunning center of the story. The loss of any loved one is painful, but the loss of a child, stolen when the mother’s back is turned, is particularly sorrowful. Her hurt is magnified since she doesn’t know who has him or where he is. Then there’s the ever-present guilt a parent feels in a situation like this. As parents we always  take that burden on our shoulders since it’s our duty to take care of and nurture the child. In our agony we question ourselves “Why, oh why, did I leave him in the car?” “Why did I look away?” “If only I’d taken him with me!”

The Disappearance

Carrie and John are parents of a baby boy, Ben, whom they adore. On a routine day, as Carrie is running errands, she steps a few feet away from her car and turns her attention for a moment to putting money into a parking meter. Little Ben is in his car seat but when she goes back to the car, he is gone. No one in the area has seen anything, no one has any information. Carrie is panic stricken and crushed with guilt. For over a year she grieves for her lost child, without knowledge of what happened to him or where he is. She begins to lose hope and to feel she will never see him again.

The Visit

Miraculously, one day he appears but strangely, he has not grown or progressed. He still seems to be just as he was when he went missing. The relief of having him home again doesn’t last; he disappears after 24 hours. Then the whispers about Carrie begin in earnest; she’s crazy, she’s losing her mind, she’s imagining things. The worst of it is, there are rumors that her alibi for the time Ben went missing doesn’t hold up. Carrie is hiding a secret and her husband feels it. But John seems oddly stoic about the missing boy. Is he involved in the mystery? As the investigation proceeds, detectives begin to focus on Carrie. Could she be the guilty party in little Ben’s disappearance? Carrie’s secret is revealed as the crime is on the verge of being solved, and it causes a giant rift in Carrie and John’s marriage. What happened and why are there unshared secrets between this couple?

One More Day

I identified strongly with the wish of “One More Day” with a loved one who has passed away. How many of us have wished for that one more day to cuddle with a baby, speak with a grandmother or grandfather, talk with a mother or father, laugh with a sister or brother, or even a dear friend? If we only could have one more day……. Read what happens when a married couple gets that one more day with their beloved child.


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