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Moving Day Once More

Moving Day Once More

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I’m Moving On As A Writer…Again

I’m an online writer. In my online career I’ve written for eHow,  made over 400 pages in almost five years of writing at Squidoo and moved on to contribute articles at HubPages after Squidoo folded. During my time at Squidoo  I became the “Women in the Military Contributor” and the “History Buff Contributor,” and enjoyed having a niche in which I felt I could provide writing prompts for others. It was a fun place to write, with good people who became my friends, my “family.” I enjoyed writing there but then suddenly it was over. Our “family” was sold and I felt abandoned, betrayed and orphaned.


Moving On Is A Part of My Life


I’m 75 years old and throughout my life, as with most of us, there has been a series of moving on from people, schools, relationships, situations and jobs. This is only one of them, and just as when a loved one leaves us, it took me a few days to get over my initial grief. My hurt was magnified by the thought that in encouraging others to write for and stick with Squidoo, I had given them false hope, even though I believed in what I said at the time.


The Next Stage: Anger


Then the anger took over and I’d find myself angry at all sorts of unrelated things; dropping a spoon, my hair needing a cut at an inconvenient time, and my partner’s tone of voice in answer to a question. The underlying reason for my anger was that I felt betrayed, and no one in my family seemed to understand my hurt. How could they? None of them had ever written on a content site, and none of them had ever had this kind of thing happen. For me, hurt breeds anger and that’s where the pain took me, into the kind of anger that hurts the person carrying it, not those who caused it.


I Felt Like I Had Let My Group Down


During the Squidoo time frame, I ran a group called Squidoo Positivity, known for encouraging writers to do their best on the site, even in the face of negativity from others. We had built a cohesive group who supported and encouraged one another. Imagine what a test for my positivity when Squidoo made the decision to close! On the day of the announcement, I cried off and on all day. I worried about the group’s members. Finally I knew exactly what I had to do; I had to get myself up, dust myself off, and start all over again. (Hey, there’s an old song that says that very thing!)


I Felt Like An Orphan


I was “cut loose,” from a place where I felt comfortable and at home. I felt like an orphan, floundering, not knowing what to do or what to expect next. I worried that my stories would not fit HubPages needs and requirements or that they wouldn’t be right for me. But I gave it a go.  Eventually that concern became a prophecy, because in three quick months, I realized HubPages was not for me. I knew I must put worries aside and move on. This is my story of doing just that. I have moved into my own blogs, this is one of them you’re reading now. The other one is called Mystery in the History, and covers strange and odd stories and mysteries from the past.


The Best Thing We Can Do For Ourselves


I revamped the Facebook group so that it welcomes all online writers of blogs and content sites. It’s known as The Writer’s Door. We’ve done the best thing we could do for ourselves, and that is to get moving toward our future. We’re keeping our “positivity” going, because when one door closes, another opens, and we’re intent on making it through that door to our future.


Moving On….What’s Your Method? What Would You Do?

Question:  When you move on from a situation, a relationship or a job, do you……..?? Tell me in the comments please.

#1. I hide under the covers and wait until it just goes away.

#2. I cry, wail and moan until I’m wrung out.

#3. I get angry at everyone and everything around me.

#4. I take it in stride, no big thing, just move on.

#5. I keep my cool and do my best to stay positive.

#6. All of the above.

#7. None of the above (tell me in comments below)


On The Road Again! Sing it Willie!


I’m Beginning to Enjoy Blogging!


Hey, I think I’m getting to like these new blogs, and maybe it’s “the world keeps turning our way and our way,” as Willie sings it here. “I just can’t wait to get on the road again”…with my lenses turning into my blogs. Hope you’ll come visit often.