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Mizpah Jewelry For Couples

….the most loving symbol you can give to another.

What better way to stay close to each other, even when you are apart? Mizpah is worn by a couple to show a loving bond between them when they are separated. The words for Mizpah originated in Genesis 31:49 of the Bible and are engraved on a broken gold or silver coin, on which the words are written, “The Lord watch between me and thee while we are absent one from another.” It is broken jaggedly down the middle and each person wears their own half. Symbolically, the words are only completed when the two halves are brought together.

There Are Special Mizpahs For Everyone

There are Mizpahs appropriate for everyone and those especially close to our hearts, our members of a branch of military service. What a great gift to keep the bond of love between you! On this page you’ll find Mizpahs for military members, as well as for college sons and daughters, or a sweetheart or spouse.

“The Lord watch between thee and me while we are absent one from another.” ~ Genesis 31:49

Mizpah Is Meaningful

This 14K gold Mizpah coin is one of the most meaningful gifts you can give to another. Whether it’s your husband or wife, your sweetheart, or a son or daughter, when they’re away from you they feel still connected and close to you, knowing that you’re wearing half of this coin.

Mizpah Coin Charm 14kt Yellow Gold.14k 18″ Gold Plated Steel Chain


How Did Mizpah Begin?

The story from the Bible (Genesis Chapter 31, Verse 49) says that Jacob and his father-in-law Laban, had an argument, and Jacob took his family and left Laban’s house. Laban pursued them and there could have been a family tragedy, until the two men decided to build a stone Mizpah (Hebrew for watchtower) between their two lands, as a symbol of a bond and trust between them. Today, the symbol has come to mean sanctuary, and safety, and a belief that the amulet or charm gives protection to the wearer. More than that, it has come to celebrate the bond between those we love when they are away from us. Military members often wear half the Mizpah, while a family member or loved one wears the other half at home. Often, there are also firemen and policemen who wear, or carry in their pocket, half the coin.

Sterling Silver 25mm Mizpah Break Apart Coin Charm Pendant

Mizpah Jewelry For You and Anyone You Choose

Mizpah keychains or necklaces for you and your sweetheart, your son or daughter, or whoever you choose to give one to. A loving keepsake to remind each of you of the bond between you. Especially good for children away at college, sons or daughters in the military, a husband or wife in the armed services, or just because you want them to have a daily reminder of your love.

Sterling Silver Mizpah Medal Necklace with Stainless Steel Chains, 20″ and 24″

There are several more styles of Mizpah to be had below. Browse through them, you might find the one that catches your eye.
How about a Keychain Mizpah?

Mizpah Key Ring Set Genesis 31:49

Put your Mizpah where your heart is..or vice versa.

Sterling Silver Mizpah Heart Charm

The Mizpah for the military couple put on, of course, dogtags!

Military Mizpah Dog Tag For Two Necklace in Sterling Silver
You can always search Amazon here for other types of Mizpah Jewelry.