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Love lighthouses? Put them on your Christmas tree!

Lighthouse Christmas Ornaments

As Christmas approaches, what do you get for your favorite lighthouse lover? Lighthouse Christmas ornaments, of course! Made by various artists and companies, lighthouse ornaments may be just the touch you or someone else needs to decorate the tree this Christmas season. Since lighthouses are a favorite subject for artists, it stands to reason that many use them for Christmas Ornaments too. Below I share several brands that vary in price. They all have the beauty of the lighthouse in common, just interpreted differently between them.

Hallmark Lighthouse Ornaments

Hallmark lighthouse Christmas ornaments are always colorful, lighted, and dated. They’re collectibles for anyone, but especially for those lighthouse aficionados. Hallmark is only one of many designers who offer lighthouses as tree ornaments, but they have a reputation for offering beautiful things at a reasonable price. After all, one of their mottoes is, “When You Care Enough To Send The Very Best.” Hallmark also dates most of their ornaments, so you can track each year while it’s hanging on your tree. Too, it’s kind of neat to reminisce over the ornaments and the year past, as you take them from their wrappings each year. Many of the past years’ Hallmark series are still available. This is the 2017 Lighthouse ornament shown below. The date appears over the door frame. These ornaments are resin material.

Hallmark Keepsake 2017 Santa and Polar Bear Holiday Lighthouse Dated Christmas Ornament With Light

Old World Lighthouse Ornaments

Old World Ornaments are highly respected in the industry. They are mouthblown glass, crafted by artists and moderately priced so that you might want more than one of them for your tree this year. The detail in each is exquisite. Many of us think of a lighthouse as a symbol, a beacon of hope in a dark world. Many consider the lighthouse as a symbol of Jesus, the light of the world, for those who believe. But even without that belief, lighthouses are still revered all over the world for their grace, beauty and history.

Old World Christmas Lighthouse Glass Blown Ornament

Cape Shore Lighthouse Ornaments

Cape Shore manufactures mostly resin ornaments, with an occasional glass one thrown in here and there. The glass ones are more expensive of course, because of the process of creating them. Resin is very safe around small children, so there’s an advantage to having them. There is nothing said in their description about having the current year imprinted on them, so perhaps you’d need to write that on the bottom with a marker, so you can have the Christmas memories from the year before, each year that you hang them on the tree.

Santa Hatteras Lighthouse Island Christmas Ornament by Cape Shore

If you go to any of the ornaments shown without finding one you want, just type the following words in the Amazon search; “lighthouse ornaments” and you’ll find pages of them.

Here are a few more varieties  you may like.