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Live a little!

Live a little!

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For my first post on my new site, I thought I’d ramble on a bit about living and life. Back too many years for me to mention exactly when, after a particularly bad time in my life, I wrote the following poem. I hope you’ll enjoy it since it’s…….

About Life

You’ll never break my spirit

You’ll never break my will

You can keep on trying

Until you get your fill.

You know you’ll never hurt me,

At least, not for long.

With all your many troubles

I can still be strong.

I refuse to buckle under

I refuse to be weighed down

While you come on like thunder

I’ll be acting like a clown

You know your many heartaches

Can no longer touch me

I will stop the fear inside

With all I’m meant to be

And live as I will and know

I will rise above you

I will win in the end

And Life, I’ll still love you!