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"Live Long and Prosper"

“Live Long and Prosper”

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Leonard Nimoy, who played Mr. Spock in Star Trek, sent his character into outer space and into the hearts of millions of fans worldwide. His logical Vulcan way of thinking often saved the day for the space travelers on The Enterprise, commanded by Captain Kirk (William Shatner, with whom he enjoyed a longstanding friendship.) Nimoy is now traveling the unknown, passing away February 27 of complications from Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease.  We will miss him, but his character lives on forever in our memories.


“I’m Not Spock”


During his career, Nimoy played many character roles, but became identified with Mr. Spock more than any other. In his life, he wrote a book called “I Am Not Spock,” the title of which leads one to believe he disliked the character. He was young then, in the 1960s, and had other acting aspirations for his career. If  someone reads no further than the title of the book, they might rightfully assume that the character was not one he enjoyed performing. But he actually loved the character, he just wanted to be known for himself.



“For the first time I had a job that lasted longer than two weeks and a dressing room with my name painted on the door and not chalked on.”

—Nimoy, on being cast as Spock



Nimoy and Shatner 1968

Nimoy and Shatner 1968

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“I Am Spock”



No, he didn’t just give up and give in, when he wrote “I Am Spock,” in the 1970s. He reconciled with the character and acknowledged it proudly, because he knew that as an actor, he had contributed himself to the fleshing out and creation of the role. In other words, Spock was Nimoy and Nimoy was Spock, each a little of the other.



Other Accomplishments

Besides other roles in numerous plays, television productions and movies, Nimoy was also an accomplished director; “Three Men and a Baby, 1987” and others, and directing the pilot “Killshot,” for the television series Deadly Games. He was also a professional photographer and had once considered changing careers and concentrating on the photography field. Fortunately for his Star Trek fans, he didn’t.



Still More To Discover About Mr. Spock



There’s more to discover about Mr. Spock and Nimoy’s feelings about his most famous role. You may want to read his books, “I’m Not  Spock,” and “I Am Spock,” available for purchase below. The books are entertaining, revealing insight into his true character and that of the people he worked with during the “Star Trek” series. RIP Mr. Spock, we will never forget you.