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Makin' Bacon! YUM!

Makin’ Bacon! YUM!

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For Bacon Lovers

Bacon! The very word conjures up delightful images and aroma. Gifts for bacon lovers are more popular every year. If you have a bacon lover on your gift list, there’s nothing they appreciate more than their favorite thing. Why not give him or her what they want most…everything bacon? From bacon flavored popcorn to showing their love of bacon on t-shirts, you’ll find them all here. Nothing pleases a bacon lover so well as to walk in the door and smell bacon…oh, and there’s a candle for that too, just in case you haven’t started makin’ bacon by the time he or she comes home. For a special gourmet delight for satisfying two cravings at the same time, scroll further down and you’ll find Chocolate Covered Bacon, too. Yes, there’s just no limit to items to gift a bacon lover.

What Time Is It?

Why, it’s time to eat bacon, of course! And In Bacon We Trust! When he or she wants bacon, they don’t really care what time of day (or night) it is, they just want what they want, and that’s bacon! With this clock, they can at least anticipate the next “time” they get bacon. Perfect for a man cave or an office, this clock represents the very thing a bacon lover enjoys most.


Wall Clock In Bacon We Trust Bacon Lover Foodie

A Fail Proof Gift For A Bacon Lover


This Ultimate Bacon Sampler includes the top seven Hickory Smoked Bacon in one pound packages with the following varieties: Original Country Bacon, Maple Country Bacon, Old Fashioned Applewood Country Bacon, Pepper Coated Country Bacon, Pepper Coated City Bacon, Maple City Bacon , Original City Bacon. This sampler is destined to be a favorite for YOUR bacon lover. They might even request it every year.

Ultimate Bacon Sampler by Burgers’ Smokehouse

This baby shows his love for bacon with the very first time he tastes it.



Show Your Love For Bacon

Of course, if you’re a known fan of bacon, you’ll want to show it. Wearing a t-shirt praising your favorite food should do the trick. There’s nothing like the love of bacon to bring two people together. Who knows? You just may find the (bacon) lover of your life!


Women’s Bacon Checklist TShirt – I Love Bacon Apparel Medium Cranberry


Love Both Popcorn and Bacon? Put ‘Em Together!


Someone, I’m not sure who, had a great idea. Picture this: While watching the Food Network on TV one night and snacking on popcorn, the chefs on TV prepared bacon. Being a bacon lover, the man or woman watching had a sudden stroke of genius! Why not make bacon flavored popcorn? Two food addictions in one! Brilliant! And so it was.

J&D’s Bacon Pop Bacon Flavored Microwave Popcorn (3 Bags/Box) 2 Pack by JDS

Β Chocolate Dipped Bacon – YUM!

Let’s say you really don’t want to go to all the trouble of making your own chocolate covered bacon to give as a gift. Your answer is, of course, to buy it ready-made. All the work of cooking the bacon, making the chocolate dip, and doing the dipping is all complete. All the bacon lover has to do, is what he/she loves to do most, eat bacon! (and chocolate, of course!)

Marini’s Candies Chocolate Covered Bacon 1/2 lb. Gift Box

Β If All He/She Can Think About….


If the only thing your giftee can think about is bacon, get them this super terrific board game, You move a bacon character around the board, navigate through the Mustard Marsh, struggle through the Weiner Wasteland, and sail the Sausage Sea. But do your best to avoid getting stuck in Gristle Grotto and get past Vegan Alley, and if you’re the first one to make to the frying pan, you win. Not as easy as it sounds, trust me!


Mr. Bacon’s Big Adventure Board Game


Gift Wrap…..? What Else?


If you’ve made it a point to buy bacon themed things for someone, isn’t it only right that it should be covered in bacon gift wrap? I think so, and then I’d put a big blue ribbon on it, to show it’s definitely a blue ribbon gift for a special bacon lover. There’s also a bacon gift bag if you prefer that.

Bacon Gift Wrap

Bacon Candle For Men

Okay now let’s get right to it. The brutal truth is, that your guy can’t come home every day to the smell of bacon frying for dinner. Why not? Well…uh, he just can’t, that’s all! But you can whet his appetite for dinner with a bacon scented candle putting out that grand bacon aroma just as he comes in the door.


When Pigs Fly Bacon Natural Scented Soy Wax 16oz Candle. Soy Candles Burn Cleaner ~ Longer ~ Non-Toxic ~ 100% Yinzer Made in the USA. – Sugar Creek Candles


If you didn’t see the exact thing you want, here’s more for you to shop!