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Onstage, doing what he does so well, mesmerizing the audience!

Onstage, doing what he does so well, mesmerizing the audience!

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Country Music Entertainer of the Year 2016

Garth Brooks is awarded Entertainer of the Year in the Country Music Awards show, November 2, 2016. For all the new fans and the attention he’s brought to the country music genre, he certainly deserves it. In my opinion, if for no other song, this one would earn the award. Please read about “The Dance,” his recording that touches the heart of everyone.



“The Dance” Touched My Heart

For pure poetry and symbolism of life, Garth Brooks “The Dance” made me a Brooks Believer and this is the story of the first time I heard it and how it affected me. Mind you, I was not particularly a country music fan at the time, tending more to rock, but somehow the station I listened to played this tune and well….read on….

Driving home from work in 1990 I heard a song for the first time called “The Dance,” and it choked me up and touched my heart at the same time. Then I’m saying to myself, “Is that song really that good? Or my imagination? If it is that good, it’s going to be a hit.” It shook me as no other song had done in a long time. It was an amazing analogy of life and love. I felt as though he had looked into my heart when he wrote the song, because of all the things I’d gone through in my life, but never regretted a moment of it.

Who was this recording artist?

His name was just unusual enough to be remembered, it was Garth Brooks. I didn’t hear much more buzz about him for a while, and the song slipped my mind. On my way to work one day, maybe two weeks later, with my car radio blasting as usual, the disc jockey said, “Here’s a young country singer’s big hit from his debut album ..Garth Brooks with ‘The Dance.” I realized it was the song I’d been so impressed with a while back. I HAD to hear it to see if it still resonated with me like it did the first time I heard it.

I remembered the name!

I found a place to pull over and listen. Yeah, I know….nobody pulls over to listen to a song, especially in Las Vegas traffic, but I did! I didn’t want to miss a word of it this time and it overtook me….this was about life, living it to the fullest. It was poignant, hopeful, and reflective. It was love, tragedy, family, sweethearts, husbands and wives, and all the relationships that make human beings what they are, rolled into one song. And it was beautiful.

I Went To Buy The Album, But….

When I left work that afternoon I didn’t go immediately home. I went straight to the store to buy the album. The only problem was, I couldn’t seem to find it. Finally I found a sales clerk, who said they were temporarily out. What does ‘temporarily’ mean, I asked, two weeks, two days, what? She said she didn’t know, they were on “back order.” Really? How could that be when this was only the second time I’d heard it on the radio? She said she was sorry, they hadn’t anticipated such a run on sales from that album, and to come back and check soon. I wasn’t happy, but did as she said, and sure enough, it was available the next time, but it seemed like forever. But finally, I got my album and it was worth the wait. You’ll know what I mean when you listen to the song in this video. Oh and you can read the  lyrics too, ’cause they’re important!



Although “The Dance” is still the song that grabs me every time I hear it, you can’t go wrong with any Garth Brooks album. You will always get your entertainment money’s worth. I’ve never been disappointed in any of my selections of his music. He’s truly one of a kind, an extraordinary talent, but a sensitive man at the same time. Just close your eyes and pick, you’ll be happy no matter which Garth Brooks album your hand lands on. Oh and the one shown here includes “The Dance,” of course!


“Friends In Low Places” and “Thunder Rolls” What More Could You Want?

“Friends in Low Places,” is an all-time favorite, and like many of his fans, I can sing the words to the entire song. “The Thunder Rolls” is another one I love. Actually, there are so many Garth Brooks songs that I love, it would take up too much space to list them. Recently, I watched him on TV, in Garth Brooks Live From Las Vegas. He took us on a journey through the musical heroes of his childhood that influenced his musical career. It was revealing glimpse of a fun-loving, imperfect, but talented man, who just wants what the rest of us want…to simply live and be happy. As far as I’m concerned, Garth Brooks is second to none in his musical talent. You can purchase these more great Garth Brooks songs on the CD shown here.

Let’s face it…how many entertainers do you know of, who can get on stage and let the audience do all the work and sing the entire song? Garth can and does. Check out this video!



Have You Ever Lived Through Such A Time?

Can you identify? A woman is sitting home alone on a stormy night. It’s late and she’s wondering where her husband is. Has he been in an accident? Is he hurt and there’s no one to help him? Or, is he with another woman behind her back? If you’ve experienced this, as I have, it’s pure torment.



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