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Extraterrestrial Abduction Day – March 20th.

Have you ever met this guy? Right about now you’re asking yourself, “Why on earth would anyone want to celebrate an extraterrestrial abduction?” Well it’s like this…you should celebrate not being abducted by an alien; or you could celebrate because you HAVE been abducted by an alien. But if you’re celebrating because you’ve been abducted, we won’t know it anyway! If you’re celebrating because you haven’t been abducted, well, it’s party time!! March 20th, Extraterrestrial Day can be a fun day no matter where you are.

So how do you go about celebrating Extraterrestrial Abduction Day? You might have a party with extraterrestrial drinks and food (simple recipe suggestions below.) Or if you’re in the neighborhood, visit the Extraterrestrial Highway and the small town of Rachel, Nevada. I’m sure you’ve heard of Area 51, where everyone knows they’ve been keeping alien secrets for years. Rachel is just a stone’s throw from the E.T. Highway.  Or you could stay at home and watch movies about aliens and spend a night tossing and turning trying to sleep afterwards.  Let’s just look around and see all the things we can find to celebrate. Remember,  Extraterrestrial Day is March 20th.

Dress Like The Alien Abductor

Rubie’s Costume Flesh Alien Overhead Mask, Flesh, One Size

Have a party for Extraterrestrial Abduction Day

Wear an a bathrobe and the mask above, speak in a monotone voice and tell your guests they’ve been “abducted.” Then tell them it’s because the aliens want to party with the humans, and that after the party they’ll all be guests on your planet. You can get as casual or as elaborate as you choose with your costume as you choose Make sure to serve a few out-of-this-world snacks and drinks and play new age or space connected music, the more eerie, the better. At some point, announce loudly that you are going outside to see if your ship has arrived (you’re actually signaling a friend to begin a flashing light display that can be seen from the windows.) Because of the loud announcement, everyone will follow to look and discover the pulsating lights. Warn them not to panic because those who panic will be hypnotized and forced to serve guests for the rest of the evening.

One little note of warning: You may want to let your neighbors in on the theme of the party, just so they don’t panic when strange lights appear.

Do you remember the “Cone Heads,” from the TV show back in the day. Here’s a perfect costume, without doing too much. Just put on a cone head, dress as usual and you can look like an alien without any other modification.

Rubie’s Costume Egg Head Conical Alien Skull Cap, Flesh, One Size

Simple Snacks and Drink Suggestions

Make Alien Juice with 7 Up or any lemon lime drink spiked with green or blue food coloring. For adults, kick it up with a little Tequila or Vodka. Make the ice cubes with food coloring too.

50Fifty Space Invaders Ice Tray

Put out a bowl of Milky Way Fun size Candy bars

For Moon Rocks, mix popcorn and caramel corn together.

Open up Starburst Candy and put the individually wrapped ones into a blue or green bowl.

Make sugar cookies shaped like stars and moons, or planets, sprinkled with colored sanding sugar

R & M International 1803 Astro Cookie Cutter, Planets and Stars, Set of 4

Bake muffin tops and place them bottom side up on individual plates. Frost them in any color desired, and place red and yellow M and Ms around the base to look like the lights of a flying saucer. Use a tube of your desired color to mark a door in the “ship.”

Chicago Metallic Non-Stick Original Muffin Top Pan

Use gingerbread boy cookie cutters to make sugar cookies. Cover them with green frosting and use red candies to make eyes. Aliens!

Gingerbread Man Cookie Cutter- Stainless Steel

Make blue Jell-O for the sky with floating planets using green and purple grapes. Be sure to put the grapes in when the Jell-O is half set, so they don’t sink to the bottom.

Make mini-pizzas with English muffin halves…so they look like the pitted surface of the moon.

I’m sure you will come up with more ideas than this, but these simple ideas should get your Extraterrestrial Day celebration started.

Extraterrestrial Abduction Movies

Maybe you don’t want to party. Maybe you just want to stay home and watch movies featuring creatures from outer space. Remember, there are rational, intelligent people who truly believe they have experienced an abduction by an alien race. Then again, there are also those who seem to be trying to get their 15 minutes of fame relating their stories. At this point, nobody knows what the truth is….but if you’re fascinated with the subject, this should pique your interest. In the video, this man says he was abducted in 1975, that he disappeared from the woods with his two companions and wasn’t seen again for days. It’s a famous case and was never proved or disproved.

Alien Movies Keep You Spellbound

Everybody loves the “Alien” movie series, so this would be perfect to watch and feel “captured” for a time. Of course, sleeping might prove to be difficult that night, but we won’t worry about that while we’re watching Sigourney Weaver take on the Alien.

Alien Anthology (Alien / Aliens / Alien 3 / Alien: Resurrection) [Blu-ray]

Stephen Spielberg’s film is a documentary covering the period of time from 1947 until the present era, about three families who have been profoundly affected by an alien abduction in their family. If nothing else convinces you of their presence on our planet, this may.

Steven Spielberg Presents Taken


Open in Las Vegas, Nevada

For over three decades, Area 51 remained hidden from the public. If you’ve ever heard of Area 51, then you know there are differing opinions about what’s real and what’s not. This is an area in Nevada, where many think extraterrestrials have been kept for years. A new museum, Myth or Reality, located at 755 E. Flamingo Road in the Atomic Testing Museum, will focus on the reality of events that happened there in the late 1960s or the early 1970s. This is where the Stealth technology for fighter and reconnaissance air craft was tried and tested, long before there was public knowledge. The Stealth is aptly named because it is undetectable on radar. Some folks think we acquired this ability from aliens who are imprisoned in Area 51. Others think it has nothing to do with extraterrestrials, but our own diligent work to improve our defenses. The exhibit at the museum will explore Area 51 myths with entertaining representations of aliens and UFO’s and the reality of Stealth and other supersonic, experimental aircraft, mistaken identities, legends and enigmas.

See this exciting exhibit on UFO’s, aliens, supersonic aircraft and never before released information on the most secret place in America. FOR YOUR EYES ONLY: Myth or Reality located at 755 E. Flamingo Road, Las Vegas NV 89119. The museum opens at 10:00 AM and closes daily at 5:00 PM.


We Went Sightseeing in Rachel Nevada

As far as we know….we were not abducted by aliens while we were there. We took a weekend jaunt to Rachel, Nevada on a bright sunny day when the wind was quite sharp and cold. We wandered around the grounds of the Little Al-E-Inn, and marveled at the Extraterrestrial Highway which is probably the loneliest, but most traveled (for aliens) highway in the United States. The sign in the parking lot had the words FREE PARKING underneath an image of a flying saucer. The sign on the front of the restaurant said Little A-Le-Inn, EARTHLINGS WELCOME. So we went in and bought a few souvenirs but didn’t stick around for their signature dish, the Alien Burger. Nobody talks about what it’s made from, but we hear it’s quite tasty. When we came outside we noticed a tow truck with a flying saucer attached to the crane. I guess that one parked in the wrong place.

Photo of the front of Little-Al-e-inn courtesy of Judy Schweitzer

little-al-e-inn (2)

This is where the alien ship parked illegally and is being towed.


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