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Dress Your Dog For St. Patrick’s Day

Happy St. Patrick’s Day!

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Celebrating St. Patrick’s Day? If you’re celebrating, why shouldn’t your dog celebrate too? Whether it’s a good warm coat when the March winds blow, or only an accessory like a bandanna, get in the mood and dress your dog for St. Patrick’s Day. There are green fashions for every size of dog. If you’re buying a coat, size is important, but any dog can wear a bandana, a hat, or a bow tie. One thing you can be “doggoned” sure of, is how cute he or she will look on St. Patrick’s Day in their finery as they strut their stuff on their daily walk!

Our Dogs Are Part Of The Family.

Most of the time, I agree dogs shouldn’t be dressed. But taking care of them because they are members of our family is only right. If it’s chilly outside and your dog happens to have very short hair, isn’t it only sensible to give them an extra layer of warmth? I think in cold weather especially, short hair dogs should have coats to help them retain bodily warmth when they’re outside.

A Pug For St. Patrick’s Day

Coats for Small Dogs

Small dogs get cold, so if you have one of those, you might want a coat. Wrapping them in a blanket and carrying them doesn’t give them the exercise they need. Putting a coat on keeps them warm and allows them to walk and stay healthy. Here are a few suggestions to keep that little one warm on St. Patrick’s Day.

Coats for Large Dogs

If you have a large dog, you don’t have to hold back on dressing them up. During the cold weather, these sweaters help to keep your pet warm when you take them out for a walk. Great Danes for instance, have short hair, and need a bit of extra warmth on those cold days when the March winds blow. Be sure to measure your dog from neck to tail and around the largest part of the body, before ordering.

Ready For St. Patrick’s Day Parade

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Green Accessories for Dogs

If you’re having a warm day on March 17th, you might want only green accessories for dogs, such as green bow ties, bandanas, hats, etc., here are a few suggestions you might like.

Happy St. Patrick’s Day to you and your Canine friend!