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The Eternal Battle

The Eternal Battle

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Does Evil Exist?

Recently, someone asked on Facebook, “Is there such a thing as evil?” There were answers both ways. My answer to that question is found at the end of this story. It may not match your answer but it’s what I believe. Meanwhile, be prepared for a few more questions on this page along the same line, such as,  “Do you believe there’s such a thing as good?”

Terror in the Night

On November 14th, 2015, less than two weeks before Thanksgiving, my son Bill and I sat in the living room of our home talking about TV shows and such mundane things, when my partner came from the bedroom saying, “Someone’s in our car.” The car was in the driveway right next to our house. My 38-year-old son hit the floor running and out the door before I could even comprehend what was happening. As he chased two men from our property, one of them turned and shot him. When he fell to the ground, the man walked back and stood over him and shot him again. I heard 3 shots as I’m on the phone to 911, telling them my son is being shot. I’m panicked that he is being murdered as I speak. I’m terrified that my only son is being taken from me by those who care nothing for my family, but just want what they can get, if it means taking a life.



Quick Response, Thank You!!


The police were on our street in what must have been mere moments, but of course those few minutes were a lifetime for me. Soon there was a police helicopter overhead, what seemed like 15 police vehicles and two ambulances. They closed off both ends of our street, and swarmed the neighborhood. I was frantic to see my son. Since I’m on oxygen and can’t walk very far, my partner took me in the wheelchair with my portable oxygen tank and took me to where he lay on the concrete, bleeding, two houses down the street from ours.

I Could Hear His Voice

He was calling for me, and I knew from the sound of his voice he was in great pain. I had no idea how badly he was shot. I just wanted to get to him, to touch him, somehow to make it right. Isn’t that what we mothers do? I wanted to “fix” my boy, to make it right. The police didn’t want anyone near him until the ambulance attendants could check him out, but he’s calling for me and I need to get to him.

Screaming and crying, I try to get to where he’s lying, and the policeman who was keeping everyone away, looked at me, said “no, ma’am, you can’t go there.” Crying, I explained that I’m his mother and I don’t know if he’s going to live or die and I need to be with him. Looking me in the eye, slowly and deliberately, he turned his head in the opposite direction, taking an extra long look around, enough time for me to move forward and touch my son’s hand for a brief moment. Then I was quickly pulled away. But I had that moment! Tears streaming down my cheeks, I still didn’t know if he was going to live or die.


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 CSI On The Scene

The Crime Scene Investigation unit came and began processing our car for fingerprints. Robberies are rather commonplace, and unless there’s a reason to do so, most of the time CSI doesn’t come out for them. This one, however involved the eventual charge of “Attempted Murder,” since the man deliberately tried to kill my son. If he could be identified by fingerprints, he would be charged with attempted murder, a much more serious charge than simply robbery, the detectives said. They said Bill gave them a reasonably good description of the man who loomed over him with the pistol.



We were not allowed to move the car because they were processing it. They wouldn’t allow me to go in the ambulance with my son and I was the most scared and frustrated I’ve ever been in my life. I called my daughter, woke her, told her the situation and after she got over the initial shock of her brother being shot, she came across town and took me to the hospital and we waited, and we waited, interminably, we waited.


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 Clock Watching

You’ve heard people say “time stood still?” Well believe me, the hands on that surgical waiting room clock seemed to crawl, yet whenever we looked we wondered if anyone would ever have further news. It seemed like a lifetime since he was lying on that cold concrete with blood spilling out. Finally, in the wee hours a nurse came and told us his vitals were good and he seemed to be doing well. It gave us relief, but she cautioned us, they were performing exploratory surgery to see if his intestines had been nicked. I’d heard of this before and knew if they had, there would be the danger of peritonitis, which can be fatal. We still were not allowed to see him. My daughter and I waited together, for hours, wondering if he was going to survive. We still didn’t know the full extent of his injuries.

At Last!


Finally the surgeon came out, and told us, Bill would be fine. His intestines weren’t nicked. One bullet went cleanly through his right shoulder, leaving no  permanent damage. One bullet they never found, so it may not have hit him and one bullet is in his subcutaneous tissue, where it remains today. The surgeon said it would have done more damage to him internally for them to search and dig for the bullet. He said the body will “wall it off,” and someday it may be close enough to the surface to excise it without a problem. He also said Bill was an extremely lucky man and I truly believe that. One thing Bill said to me from his hospital bed was:  “I really did something stupid by running out there with nothing to back me up.” A lesson well learned, but at what a price in pain. However, I’m grateful he will survive.



It’s been over a year now, and my son still carries a bullet from the shooting, from a thug who wanted to take something that he didn’t work for, something that didn’t belong to him, but that he was willing to kill for. Think what that much determination could have done for that person if he put it into constructive actions! But for him it was so much easier and preferable to steal and shoot. And no, they have not apprehended the culprit yet. They were unable to get good fingerprints from the car. They tell me they believe they know who did it, but can’t prove anything. He will undoubtedly strike at someone again. I only pray that the next person is as lucky as my son was.

Questions This Brought To Mind Once I Knew He’d Survive


For those who believe we should ban all guns:  Do you really think this kind of individual buys a gun legally, where he has to give his name, address, etc., allowing them to check his arrest record?

For those who believe we should be armed at all times:  Do you really think it’s come to the point where people must wear a gun while sitting on the couch in the living room of their home?

Finally, for those who question whether there is such a thing as evil, ask yourself this: Why would someone be willing to kill a person for nothing, because that’s what they got from our car, as we keep nothing of value there. But they were willing to KILL, to take someone’s life, for no reason. We don’t even have a fancy car, just a regular van. For me that demonstrated most vividly what I’ve always known; If you believe there is such a thing as GOOD, then you MUST believe in EVIL. My son lay on cold concrete and stared evil in the face of the man who tried to kill him.

I’m hoping and praying that not too far down the line  they catch the person who did this and jail him. I know that somewhere, someplace, sometime, if he hasn’t already done so, he will kill someone. It’s in his evil heart.

UPDATE:  It’s now 2017 and the man who deliberately tried to take my son’s life, still is out there somewhere. No doubt by now he has taken a life, or had his taken. I will probably never know. I pray for those families who have had a loved one taken in this kind of crime on the street. People who are in their own homes, who have no reason to be shot, are being invaded more and more by those who find stealing easier than working. Are these thieves evil? Yes, I believe they are, because even when they get nothing,  oftentimes they take the life of an innocent person. That can only show darkness in their soul and evil in their heart, when human life means so little.

LATEST UPDATE:  In 2018, detectives called to tell us the men have been caught for another more serious crime (murder?) and will be put away for that since they have indisputable evidence to do so. They just wanted us to know the animals aren’t still on the streets. But our minds still question, how many more of these beasts are out there? How many more innocent people will be preyed upon by soulless, conscience empty individuals? How can we protect ourselves from such attacks? Yes, evil certainly exists, and in far too many human beings whom we encounter in our daily lives. We MUST be aware at all times.