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Misting Systems For Cool Living

I enjoy visiting my daughter and son-in-law during the hot summer time, but the temperatures where we live can be unbearable for outside entertaining. The kids have a beautiful patio, of which they are rightfully proud, since they did all the work themselves, and the best part is, it’s cooled by misting systems and an evaporative cooler. The misting systems are simply attached to the roof of the deck and connected to the water supply system. Once the switch is turned on, the mist cools everything within the patio. If you don’t have a deck top, another suggestion is the evaporative cooler, which stands like a fan, but is filled with water and blows cool air into the space. If you use both these products  together, it’s even better, enabling those who have a difficult time with the heat to be able to enjoy family gatherings and barbecues outside. It’s almost like outdoor air conditioning!

Misty Mate Cool Patio Misting System

For a Cooler Summer Experience.

Before ordering one of these systems, be sure you know how large your patio is and how many misters are actually needed. Buying too large for your area will simply have misters that are wasted hanging somewhere. They are available in 10, 20 and 30 sizes. The one shown here is the 30 size, but you can find others after clicking on this one. The Misty Mate is not difficult to set up, comes with complete instructions, and homeowners can do it themselves.


Patio Misting Kit

A Personal, Hand Held Mister

What about when you go to a summer picnic organized by your company, or for a large family gathering? How can you stay cool in the high heat of the summer? If you visit my southwest side of the country, chances are that nine months out of the year, you’ll need something to keep you cool. Good news! There’s a personal, hand held mister for that. It helps you to remain cool, no matter where you are.


High Temperatures Are A Killer

But You Don’t Have To Stay Indoors

We live in the southwest where temperatures are extreme. High temperatures are dangerous, especially for children and the elderly. When I visit my daughter and we spend time on the patio, it’s nice to be able to relax in comfort. Our temperatures in the region where we live can reach to 120 in the summer, so it’s a real necessity to have a way to cool off. Why stay inside when you can enjoy the outdoors? My daughter also has a pool, but it’s in the sun and of course, we don’t want to stay there continuously. Sitting in the shade, cool and comfy, having drinks and snacks is nice to be able to do when you come out of the pool.

An Evaporative Cooler Can Make The Difference

Another great cooling gadget is the evaporative cooler. It can make a big difference in the comfort for the people on your patio or porch. Why be miserable when you can cool the area with one of these handy little machines? It’s on rollers, so it’s easy to roll from place to place, wherever needed. And you’ll be so glad you did it.

Set up your patio to be cool as well as beautiful. – Be as comfortable as possible during the heat of summer.