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Those Aries Born

Aries – The Ram

Aries: A Sign Associated With New Life, New Beginnings

Aries traits, meaning those that are found most often in those who are Aries born, are not set in stone. I was born on April 7th, under the sign of Aries, the first sign of the Zodiac. Since this sign occurs during the spring, it is closely associated with new life, the renewal of energy and new beginnings. If you were born between March 21 and April 20, you are Aries born! Though you may see other websites claiming that all days of April make you Aries, that is not true. The zodiacs do not run as our calendar months run; thus Aries is from March 21 to April 20. All other zodiac months are similar, in that they run from towards the third part of one month into the third part of the next.

Appropriately, Mars, AKA, the red planet, is associated with Aries born individuals

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Common Traits of the Aries Born

Mars is the ruling planet of Aries and is a fire element associated with the symbol of the Ram. Colors most often associated with Aries are red and white. The primary birthstone for those who are “Aries born” is the diamond, the hardest gem known on earth. Because of the expense of diamonds, many people substitute cubic zirconia (CZ) or crystals. Of course, my favorite color is red and I love the sparkle and purity of the diamond. But keep in mind that just because you are an Aries doesn’t mean you will necessarily have the same opinion.

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I LOVE The Color Red! Some Other Traits, Not So Much

Aries physical properties are associated with the head and brain. Aries flowers are the Hollyhock, Carnation, Poppy, Thistle and Geranium. While Aries folks are energetic, and attributed with high qualities of leadership, courage, and enthusiasm, they can also be hot tempered, impulsive, and egotistical! (I kind of know about all of those too!)

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Some folks can’t get through their day without reading their horoscope. The danger there is if you believe it strongly enough to “self-fulfill” what the horoscope says. I do not, but take what I like and what seems to resonate with me, and let the rest go.  Sometimes, just for the fun of it, I check out what this link says. If you’d like to know what may be in store for you on any given day, try Aries Daily Horoscope.  

Is Your Lover Right For You?

Compatibility Matches For Aries

If you’re wondering if a certain person is a match for your Aries temperament, or if you’re another birth sign and you’re wondering if an Aries is right for you, there’s a place to help you. But take my advice and don’t rely on that alone. Find out the old-fashioned way, get to know the person for who he or she is, before you worry about their horoscope. You could possibly fall deeply in love with someone from a “wrong” horoscope and walk away from the greatest love you could ever have known. Then again, you could force yourself to stick with someone who’s supposed to be perfect, and find he/she bores you to death, or turns out to be abusive. I’ve never put much stock in being born under a different zodiac as being the only reason for compatibility, but I guess it never hurts to check it out as long as you keep other things in mind at the same time. So, if compatibility with the “love of your life,” is in question, take a look at Compatibility in Love.

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My advice? Don’t ever throw away a good relationship based on what someone or something tells you about your compatibility. Sometimes a strong bond of love can develop between two people, no matter their birth sign. And think of this, if you didn’t know it, and nobody made a “thing” about it, would it matter??

What can you learn about yourself or that special someone?

Aries: Sun Sign Series

If you’re an Aries, or if you care about an Aries, a book on the subject might possibly give you some insight as to their personality. But remember, people are also shaped by their environment, so what may be true in one Aries, may not be true in another. I do know that Aries at the end of March and those farther into April can sometimes differ in significant ways. If it’s a positive trait it can often be stronger the further it gets into April, but if it’s a negative trait, that can also be true. Are we really affected by such things? Some say yes, definitely, and some say no, not at all. What do you think?

Want To Know Your Chinese Horoscope?

Anthony Hopkins is an Aries

A Few Famous and Infamous Aries Who Share Birthdate

As I pointed out, environment makes a huge difference in how people are affected, no matter their birthdate. So, is the stars or is it the environment? I made some interesting comparisons in a list below. You may find that some have gone on to be famous for the same thing, such as those in the arts, movies, music, entertainment of some sort. But as the list grows you will see differences that are due to how and where some were raised, their  environment.  This caused them to tread a different career path as someone born on the exact same day. In turn, environment caused them to hold a different viewpoint than others born on the same day. People who cast and believe in horoscopes have a reason for this too. They say the time of day you were born is what causes this difference. Maybe…and maybe not.

Check Out The List

In the list below the first description following the set of names belongs to the first person listed. If there is more than one description for that person, there will be a comma between each. The slash / indicates the end of their description and any description after the slash belongs to the second name. If they are the same, description will be the same; i.e. movie actor.

March 21st -Anthony Hopkins and Matthew Broderick – movie actor

March 22nd-William Shatner and Andrew Lloyd Webber – TV, movie actor/music

March 23rd-Chaka Khan and Amanda Plummer – musician, singer, songwriter/movie actress

March 24th-Harry Houdini and Steve McQueen – stage-magician/movie actor

March 25th-Elton John and Sarah Jessica Parker – singer, musician, songwriter/movie actress

March 26th-Leonard Nimoy and Teddy Pendergrass – TV, movie actor/singer

March 27th-Quentin Tarantino and Mariah Carey – movie director/singer

March 28th-Reba McEntire and Vince Vaughn – singer

March 29th-Elle MacPherson and Lucy Lawless – model & actress/singer & actress

March 30th-M.C. Hammer and Celine Dion – Rapper/singer

April 1st-Debbie Reynolds and Ali McGraw – Actress

April 2nd-Marvin Gaye and Dana Carvey – Singer/Actor

April 3rd-Alec Baldwin and Eddie Murphy – Actor

April 4th-Maya Angelou and Robert Downey Jr. – Poet, writer & author/Movie actor

April 5th-Bette Davis and Gregory Peck – Actress/Actor

April 6th-Merle Haggard and Bob Marley – singers

April 7th-Billie Holiday and James Garner – blues singer/actor

April 8th-Betty Ford and Julian Lennon – FLOTUS/musician, singer, actor

April 9th-Hugh Hefner and Dennis Quaid – Playboy Magazine Publisher/actor

April 10th-Omar Sharif and Steven Segal – actor

April 11th-Oleg Cassini and Joel Grey – clothing designer/actor

April 12th-David Letterman and David Cassidy – TV Talk Host/TV actor

April 13th-Thomas Jefferson and Ricky Schroder – Statesman, Founder of our country, and President/actor

April 14th-Loretta Lynn and Pete Rose – singer & songwriter/baseball player

April 15th-Leonardo da Vinci and Elizabeth Montgomery – Artist, sculptor, inventor, architect, many others/film, stage, TV actress

April 16th-Charlie Chaplin and Martin Lawrence – actor, film maker, composer/comedian, actor, producer, talk show host, writer

April 17th-Nikita Khrushchev and William Holden – Leader of the Soviet Union & First Secretary of the Communist Party (1953-1964) and as Premier of the Soviet Union (1958-1964)/ Movie Star

April 18th-Lucrezia Borgia and Conan O’Brien – Notorious Spanish-Italian Noblewoman/Talk Show Host

April 19th-Jayne Mansfield and Al Unser Jr. – Movie actress/Race Car Driver

April 20th-Adolph Hitler and Ryan O’Neal – German politician, leader of Nazi Party, Dictator/movie actor