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Queen Sarah Rala ~ Advice From A Wise Pug


This is  me, Queen Sarah Rala, on my throne,                                       or as humans call it, “the couch.”


Hello, my name is Queen Sarah Rala and I’m a Chinese Pug. My human is Nancy, who writes my helpful advice that I pass along for up and coming young pugs. She graciously acknowledged my age and wisdom by donating this space to me. I feel there are far too many humans who take advantage of our cuteness and I want to make fellow pugs aware of the problems this can cause.

We’re Irrestible!

People can’t seem to resist our little smooshed in faces. In their zeal to show us off, they put bonnets, hats, and masks on us as if they think we love it. We don’t. Sometimes humans dress us in baby clothes because they think we look so much like babies. We don’t. We pugs are royalty, and as such should be given respect for our noble lineage. But I digress. My purpose on this page is to give the world’s pug population the benefit of my wisdom; such as how to prevent wearing anything that makes a pug uncomfortable, and books to learn more about your heritage (pugs are born knowing how to read!) My advice also covers two things of utmost importance to pugs, how to resist doing “tricks” on command and how to properly train your human not to expect those tricks and not to dress you in silly clothing.

Another tip I found you may need is advice to the lovelorn from one pug to another, how to avoid heartbreak. Your human will have no idea of this kind of thing, after all these are beings who put their FACES together. I mean, how can they know who…..? Never mind, let’s go on. After all, we ARE royalty you know, and it’s about time humans learned proper respect for our nobility.

Humans are not easily trained, they lack certain characteristics, but it can be done if you are patient. Pugs are known to follow a life path of Tao-te Ching, learned from their ancestors and passed on to fellow pugs and to humans who are willing to learn. The Tao of Pug is available on this page with the help of Wilson’s human, Nancy Levine. (Wonder if Wilson has as much trouble with his Nancy as I do with mine. She’s a bit stubborn when it comes to learning.) No pug should be without this as it is essential for young pugs to understand their ancient heritage. This book can also help humans begin to learn about noble pugs if they are open to learning.


A Pug’s Regal Beginnings

The photo you see of me on my throne is from my family’s photo album and was taken several years ago when I was a young pug just beginning to learn of my heritage. Of course, I already knew I was nobility, but had no idea exactly what that meant until I learned from reading about my noble beginnings. Now, I do not have to prove my nobility, but can rest and take a break from the throne as shown below. But of course, I’m fully aware of my regality, and I allow no discourtesy. Pugdom is a very important part of history, without which…well, there’d be no pugs, and wouldn’t that be a sad world?

Halloween and Here We Go With A Silly Hat!


It’s Halloween, and of course, Nancy thinks there must be a photo of me with a silly costume. I managed to keep it limited to the stupid hat only. Everything else she tried on me, I simply rolled, thrashed and scruffed until she removed it. This is an example of what humans think is appropriate for a noble pug. Why they think this is cute is beyond me. Can’t they see my pained expression? My ancestors would be turning over…..well, you know. But I digress….once more. Anyway, here’s how to get them to remove the silly things.

How To Get Out Of Stupid Clothing and Hats.

Read Carefully and Do Exactly As I Tell You

If you have been enveloped in a complete costume, as soon as you’re loose from those restraining hands, begin wriggling, threshing about, digging at it with your feet, rolling, even crying if it gets the thing removed. If something is put on your head that you are uncomfortable wearing, here’s how to avoid it. Begin by scrubbing your head on the carpet, meanwhile pulling on the thing with your paw. Make sure you do this on both sides. Continue for several minutes. After a good round of this, one of two things will occur: (a) you will succeed in pulling the irritating thing off your head, or (b) your human will get tired of only being able to photograph your backside, or one ear, or none of your face and will remove the thing from your head. In any case, you will have succeeded in your mission. In her efforts to dress me for a holiday called Halloween, my human tried putting a costume on me. It looked silly. I let her know how displeased I was by doing all the things mentioned above. She finally removed the costume, but insisted on the hat for the photo.

NOTE: You may have to postpone the wriggling, threshing, rolling, etc., for a time until your human turns you loose. Mine held me still for this photo. It’s what “they” do.

Training a Human Isn’t Easy, But This Works Well.

I didn’t wear this hat very long after they turned me loose. It came off rather easily because pugs are wonderfully and conveniently built with a head smaller than our neck! They did try another couple of times to get me to wear it, and then just gave up when they saw it was useless. Now THAT’S the way to train a human! Young pugs, you can also do this, don’t give up!

Warning On The Vagaries Of Falling In Love – A Sad Pug’s Tail, er, uh, Tale

A good lesson for young pugs about falling in love, unrequited love, and heartbreak. You CAN hold your head up and go on through it all. Falling in love with a pug who is unfriendly about food can be disappointing. She/he will never share with you. This is not someone that you want to get involved with, no matter how sweet they act away from the food bowl.

When You Get The “Silent Treatment”

Furthermore if your human presents you with a squeaking bear, pumpkin, cow, etc., do not, I repeat, DO NOT fall in love with it. You will only be heartbroken when everything falls apart and it begins to give you the “silent treatment.”

Love Unrequited, Not Returned

Finally, probably the worst feeling in the world…unrequited love. Let’s take my friend Buddy’s love life as an example. Buddy is a handsome pug, still has all his teeth, his eyesight is good, and he loves to romp and play as a pug should. On a walk with his human one day, he spied a pink, Yes, pink! poodle walking with her owner. Instantly Buddy fell for the hussy with his whole pounding pug heart. But the poodle was snooty, stuck her nose in the air and walked away. Buddy was devastated, but he kept thinking he could still bring her around, if he just keep seeing her. But every time they met on their daily walk, it was the same routine. Finally, Buddy lost his appetite and began to mope. Only an intervention from a pug friend and a change of walking route saved his life. The moral here is don’t became obsessed with someone who thinks they’re out of your class.

Warning! Don’t fall in love with someone who thinks they’re out of your class.

How NOT To Learn Tricks – Here Are Two of My Successful Methods

Here’s my advice on how NOT to learn to do tricks the humans want you to do. This is Plan A, and works well, but you must be very careful not to be detected. Pretend to be deaf! Yes, I said deaf, can’t you hear me? Believe me, there’s an art to this and it’s required that you practice it well before attempting to use the method. You must be convincing, because if they suspect, even for a moment, that you can hear, they will continually try to get you to sit, stay, roll over, play dead, silly things like that. This method is most believable when you begin to get gray around the muzzle and ears as shown in my photo here. But you CAN pull it off at a younger age. Practice, practice!!


A bit grey, at 15, but still regal.


There is another method if all else fails. Plan B – This method involves being stubborn and just refusing to comply with the human’s wishes. Just act as though you have no idea what they’re talking about! Of course, then they may claim you are stupid….but we know the truth of that, don’t we?

There are, of course, other techniques, but for now we’ll just keep it at these two. Don’t want to confuse the issue, don’t you know?

Below you will find “The Tao of Pug” “Letters From A Young Pug” “Homer For The Holidays” and “The Ugly Pug” by Wilson with an assist by Nancy Levine. Wilson DOES appreciate his assistant, since it gives him more time to meditate. After all, most geniuses have assistants to do the manual labor, right? You may want to stop by my Nancy’s other story of pugs, “A Christmas Pug Tail, Uh, Tale”