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Lots of things look like aliens…what do you think this is?

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The aliens are coming!

Do you believe in aliens from another planet? What do you think they’ll look like? Maybe they’ll look just like us or maybe they’ll be all weird. Wouldn’t it be fun to dress as what we imagine an alien from outer space would look like this Halloween?

I go with the “all weird” kind, ’cause they’re more fun for Halloween. Hey it’s a time we can dress up for Halloween and have fun and nobody thinks we’re weird. Well…. at least not EVERYBODY does.

On this page I’ve put together some Halloween alien masks that are great for parties and fun times during the season. They look like what our imaginations envision someone from outer space would look like. What I love about these masks is that you can wear them with regular clothes or a robe, a cape, or whatever you choose. You can be comfortable and still be one of the spookiest beings out and about on Halloween. Oh, and all the products shown on this page are adult alien masks and will fit you.

Charades Unisex-Adult’s Alien Mask, Blue, One Size

What’s your idea of an alien?

I don’t know your vision of what an alien looks like, but I have masks here from the typical “blue” or “green” or “grey” alien to those that rank as just, well,  horrible enough to scare the bejeebers out of most anyone. Personally I think they’re all strange, in that they have the tiniest mouths in relation to the rest of their face. But that’s just me…maybe they eat through a straw! EWWW! And that thought just gave me the creeps!

Rubie’s Alien Overhead Mask, Green, One Size

Then below, we progress to something a bit more terrible, possibly enough to set off reports of an invasion. I can only imagine looking like this in my nightmares, but hey! Halloween is the time for it, no? Just be careful about wearing one of these while walking down the street. You might be so convincing that people run from you. But wait! Isn’t that what it’s all about, being scary? Wear one of these to your Halloween party, I guarantee you’ll have people asking where you got it and how can they get one like it!

Rubie’s Men’s Aliens Vs. Predator: Requiem Deluxe Latex Alien Mask, As Shown, One Size

Have a fun night!

A fun thing to do is to host a party wearing one of these masks, and meet the guests at the door. Tell them you’re an alien visiting earth, you’ve secreted their regular host in the mother ship and you’re going to party with them, and then take them back to your planet. On Halloween have someone outside at a pre-arranged time, suddenly flash bright headlights off and on, so that they shine through the windows, appearing to be a space ship. Sure, you’re not going anywhere and neither are they, but it will be good for a laugh. Make sure you have lots of out-of-this-world treats on hand too. But that’s another story! By the way, Extraterrestrial Abduction day  is March 20th, so your mask can do double duty since you can wear it for both days.

Here are a few of my “picks” for alien masks.