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Homer For The Holidays – A Christmas Pug Tale

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Give A Gift of “Homer For The Holidays”

Nancy Levine has allowed Wilson the Pug to tell his tail, uh….tale, with her technical assistance, and Homer For The Holidays is a result of “doing the right thing,” especially when you’re a noble pug. Homer is a baby pug who has no home, shivering and cold, found by Wilson the pug, on a wintry day. Wilson ponders the questions; where did the little pug come from and why is he here? The two go on travels through many possibilities, attempting to find a home. But somehow, none “feel” right to Homer. This book is a special Christmas gift for any pug or dog lover. It will warm hearts as the two find the home that feels “right.”

Homer Gets His Name – A Pug Tells His Tail…uh, Tale

Wilson the pug, having come from a long line of wise pugs, knows he needs to “do the right thing,” on this cold, wintry day, so he is looking for that one “thing” to fulfill his duty. In his meandering path, he finds a pug puppy, miserable, lonely and cold, and realizes that this puppy needs a warm, loving home. As the puppy is licking some cheese off a bagel scrap that has fallen from a dumpster, Wilson engages him in conversation. It seems the sad puppy doesn’t know how he got there and as they talk with each other the elder statesman pug asks if he can call him ‘Homer’ and suggests they team up to help find Homer a home, hopefully one with good cheese and Homer agrees because he especially likes cheese.

Sad pug puppy

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Who Will Take Homer In?

Will He Find A Home?

The possible homes they find in their travels include a turtle family, a bloodhound’s house, a Hollywood Diva dog’s mansion. They also investigate items such as an empty fish tank and discarded shoes. But for Homer, none feel right, not as though they are meant for him. The turtle home didn’t work out because Fred, the turtle father, doesn’t care for the way Homer sniffed at his children. The other suggestions don’t seem quite right either. Is Homer doomed to wander forever? Will he ever find a home? Will he have to settle for the fish tank? All these questions and more are answered in Homer For The Holidays.

I was searching for a good deed to do for the holidays–the “right thing,” as it is written in the Tao-te Ching, the ancient Chinese Book of Wisdom. ~ Wilson the Pug


The Wisdom of Wilson

Wilson is smart and his wisdom is that he knows every pug, every dog should have a home. Not just a cage, but a home, where he is loved, warm and secure. Every dog’s emotional and physical needs should not only be met, but exceeded. In this he is showing his compassion and concern for other living beings. Does Wilson help Homer find a home? What do you think?

Meeting Santa Claus

They meet Santa Claus, who is very concerned for Homer. Santa tries to fit Homer with reindeer horns, thinking he could use him to help pull the sleigh. But because of his small size, Santa sadly decides Homer will not work as a reindeer. Bidding him goodbye, they continue their journey, looking for a home for Homer. Wilson assures Homer, “You’ll know it when you find it. It will feel just right. Don’t give up.”

Ye Olde Pug Mill, the Gupllim!

Suddenly, Homer is netted by some strange men and carried away. Homer yelps frantically to Wilson about something called the Gupllim! This totally confuses Wilson as he has no idea what the word means, but he quickly follows his nose and Homer’s scent and finds the net the men used, discarded outside a building. On the building there’s a sign that says Ye Olde Pug Mill, and as Wilson is highly literate, he can read this. Now he knows what Homer was trying to say with the word Gupllim, which is pug mill backwards. To his chagrin, Wilson finds Homer inside the building, sitting forlornly in a cage, where he relates his story to Wilson. So, now we know that Homer had originally managed to get away from this place somehow, so we know where he came from. But what’s the full story on this homeless pug? “Homer For The Holidays” explains the complete story in a particularly puggish way.

Why Give the Gift of Homer For The Holidays?

Because it is there….as is the mountain.

A gift for anyone who shares their home with a pug is one that teaches and honors pugs for their nobility. A pug companion (human) must be as wise as the pug to deal with the complexities of life. Therefore insight into the pugs psyche is not only valuable, but necessary for the two to travel the path of life together. There can be no finer gift to a pug companion than a book of knowledge of the mind of the pug. Wilson’s experiences help you to learn what is expected of a pug friend. I do not speak of an “owner” because pugs own themselves, and the person they live with becomes their pal, their friend, their companion and the pug becomes theirs as well. Homer for the Holidays is a warm, loving, feel good book that you can enjoy, you can read to your children, your children can read to themselves, and everyone will love. It also teaches a lesson, in a way that children can readily understand. You might also like my story Advice From A Wise Pug.

Could This Be One Of Homer’s Family?

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Why did Wilson Do What He Did?

If the puppy wasn’t a pug, what do you think Wilson would do?

An annual tradition was passed down through generations of pugs to “do the right thing.” When Wilson saw the pug puppy, shivering in the cold, he honored that tradition. Do you think he would have saved the pug and helped him find a home if the puppy was another kind of dog? Do you think he would have walked on by, pretending not to notice the puppy? Do you think he would have expected someone else to take care of finding him a home? Why would he save him if he’s not a pug like himself?

Choose from this list and tell me why you think Wilson would OR would not help Homer find a home.


    • Yes because “it’s the right thing to do.”
    • Yes because dogs are dogs and they stick together.
    • No he would not have saved another breed of dog, “he’s not like me.”
    • No he would have left it for someone else to save, not his problem.
    • He would have pretended not to notice the puppy and walked away.

  • Information About Stopping Puppy Mills From Flourishing

  • The Humane Society of the United States
    Information on how to help stop puppy mills and the mistreatment and abuse of dogs used for overbreeding.
  • Contact your local government and press for laws against those who overbreed, inbreed and sell these dogs.
  • Offer your help to local pet organizations that are known to stand against pet store puppies, who are stocked from puppy mills.

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