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July 4TH Celebration Party Ideas and Tips

July 4th, American Independence Day, A Reason to Celebrate!

On this holiday of 4th of July or Independence Day, as we celebrate, it’s in remembrance of what we owe to those who began and to those who continue the defense of the freedom of our country. It’s a day we rightfully celebrate our country’s birth with a party. On this page I give you a few tips on how to make it the smoothest, easiest, best party ever. I’m sure you’ll have something great to add, but these tips will give you the basics to prepare before the party begins, so you can settle down for the day of fun and fireworks. Party On!

Small Grill Works Well For Family of Four

Cooking Out? Need A Grill?

If your outdoor grill, like mine, has seen its better days, maybe it’s time to get a new one. Rusty, rickety grills are not very conducive either to cooking or eating. What’s more, a grill doesn’t have to be expensive. For a family of four, buy a small grill and don’t buy the unneeded fancy gadgets. The grill itself will be enough to make the main course, and the rest can be prepared in the house. Here’s a good choice, which can be used indoors or outdoors. There’s nothing like burgers, hotdogs, or chicken and ribs prepared on the grill.

George Foreman GGR50B Indoor/Outdoor Grill

 Expecting A Crowd? A Bigger Grill Is Needed

If all the relatives are coming and bringing their friends, a nice big grill would be the perfect thing to get a lot of people fed in a short time. You don’t want folks sitting there with their tongues hanging out while others are happily munching those burgers and hotdogs. So in order to cook a lot in a short while, make sure the capacity of your grill is large enough for the amount of people. Still, the side dishes can be made in the house, while the meat is grilled outside. That way everything is done at the same time, and everybody is happy. The grill shown is a good choice. You might also ask people to bring a side dish, salad, chips or even the buns for the burgers or hot dogs. Every little bit helps the host or hostess.

Char-Broil 36,000 BTU 3-Burner Gas Grill, 522 Square Inch with Side Burner

Basic List of Needed Items

Always Note If Others Are Bringing Something To Add

Make a check list of all the things you plan to have. Shop early for all your party items, so you aren’t stuck running out when the guests are arriving. You could provide the meat and a few snacks, and have everyone bring a side dish, buns, chips or drinks. If you do, be sure to keep a list of who is bringing what, so you’re not eating burgers without buns.

Decide in advance if you’re making homemade ice cream. If so make sure you have plenty of those ingredients and good freezers to make enough for the crowd. On the other hand, if someone is bringing ice cream, make sure you have allotted sufficient freezer space for it. Below is a basic shopping list, but you will probably have items to add to it or take away from it.

Basic Shopping List

Sausage, Weiners, or Hamburgers

Buns for same



Potato Salad (or ingredients for same)

Baked Beans (or ingredients for same)

Vegetable-Dip Tray

Apple Pie or desired pie (or ingredients for same)

Homemade Ice Cream Ingredients




Charcoal Starter Fluid





More Things You Might Like

Here are things you may find handy for the 4th of July or Independence Day Party. Remember the more you decorate with red, white and blue, the more festive the day will appear to everyone. So get yourself and your guests into the 4th of July party mood, use all the themed things you can. Here are a few you might like.

Patriotic Party Supplies and Decorations – 16 Guests – Plates, Cups, Napkins, Tablecloths, Cutlery, Balloons, Pennant Banner, Swirls – Ultimate Red White and Blue Set for Fourth of July Theme party

You can’t go wrong with themed plates, cups, napkins and utensils like these for your party. This set serves sixteen, but if you’re looking for a larger set those are available on Amazon too.

The Story of America’s Birthday

A book for young children

The Story of America’s Birthday

If you’d like your youngsters to know the history and beginnings of this nation, this little board book for children uses only 200 words to convey the story of the Declaration of Independence, the Revolutionary War, and the freedom that resulted. It explains to a child why we celebrate July 4th as America’s Birthday.

Make Flavorful Homemade Ice Cream

Ice cream is a traditional family treat, and most especially on a hot 4th of July Independence Day. Cookouts are popular, but the weather is warm, so ice cream goes over big with the crowd. The good thing about making your own ice cream is that you control the kind of ingredients, without artificial products included. Nothing tastes quite like homemade ice cream, and you can make any flavor you desire.

Cuisinart ICE-21 Frozen Yogurt-Ice Cream & Sorbet Maker, White

I Scream, you scream, we all scream for ice cream! – But should it be homemade or bought?

What do you think? Ice Cream is one of our most enjoyed treats in the summertime. We all have our preferences as to flavor, but do you care if it is homemade or store bought? Tell me what you think about this “burning question” in the comments.


Fireworks, Lawful or Unlawful?

Fireworks Are A Big Part of the Party, But Be Sure of What You Are Using.

Some states have laws banning any fireworks, other than the ones put on in a professional show. Other states allow certain fireworks, but not others. Whatever your situation, please obey the law. If you are allowed to have them, please be cautious around fireworks, firecrackers, sparklers, etc. Keep a bucket of water close by to douse spent fireworks or to drop sparklers into. Some children have been known to get serious burns from bare feet on smoldering fireworks. If something seems to be a dud, don’t try relighting it, but douse it in water immediately. Be safe, be happy, and have a good party!

One more thing, when you party for the 4th of July or Independence Day, don’t forget to fly the American Flag. After all, it’s the symbol of the land we love, and it’s what the day is all about, so let’s show it. This flag is  100% Made in the USA, with sewn strips, embroidered stars and brass grommets, a fitting flag to fly on Independence Day!

Annin American Flag 3×5 ft. Nylon SolarGuard Nyl-Glo by Flagmakers, 100% Made in USA with Sewn Stripes, Embroidered Stars and Brass Grommets.  Model 2460