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Republican elephant lumbered onstage 12/15/2015

Republican elephant lumbered onstage 12/15/2015

What If….

What if they held a debate and nobody came? If I hadn’t seen it with my own eyes, I’d be convinced that it happened after watching the Republican debate on December 15, 2015. Not one candidate had anything new to impart to the viewing audience. Moderators seemed to be helpless to control anything, and almost all the candidates ran over on their allotted time to speak, while saying basically nothing.

Disappointed in Fiorina

Carly Fiorina had so little to say and what she did say made no impact. I had hopes for her when she first declared her intention to run for President. But with each successive debate she has somehow gotten farther and farther away from talking anything remotely connected to the Presidency. I’ve been  disappointed in her past showings, and particularly so in this debate.

Bush Needs a Crutch?

Jeb Bush? He’s probably a good man, but he is hampered by being a Bush. People disregard practically everything he says because of that. I thought he seemed a bit disorganized too. Calling up the ghost of Ronald Reagan once again, as he has done with every debate, Bush bumbled his way through without making much of an impression. If he could get through just one debate without saying “When I was at the Ronald Reagan Library…..” perhaps that would keep him from sounding like he’s using “The Gipper’s” name for a crutch.

Rubio and Cruz Held Their Own Debate

Marco Rubio and Ted Cruz held their own debate about the military and surveillance, in the midst of the other contenders who, other than a few dissents by Rand Paul,  were left out of that dispute. Cruz did manage to resonate with one point, and that was his remark that we are in a war on ideology, not religion.

Christie Made A Point, But Then….

As the verbal jabs continued, Chris Christie made probably the most telling remark of the evening: “If your eyes are glazed over like mine, this is what it’s like to be on the floor of the Senate” and a blunt, rather sarcastic statement about posture rather than mastery of policy being what matters in a leader. But although Christie gave some astute observations about our problems, he and John Kasich, and several others immediately went to the “boots on the ground in the middle east,” option which may not be the best vote-getting words they could say to American families.

Was Carson There?

Ben Carson was largely absent from the debate, but no doubt will be remembered for his odd, rambling answer to the question about whether he’d be willing to launch bombing that might kill innocent children. He segued into a mostly irrelevant recounting of brain surgery on children, and then made the faux pas of saying that killing people with bombs might be better than the alternative. Today, in Las Vegas, he mentioned he had a cold. hmmmmm!

Rubio and Cruz At It Again

Later Rubio and Cruz tangled again over immigration policies, each accusing the other of being “for amnesty,”for illegals which could have gone on endlessly.  Rubio backed Cruz into several corners, finally eliciting this statement:  “I’ve never supported legalization and I don’t intend to support legalization.” Until now he’d managed not to take a definite stand on this issue.

Trump and Bush, Annoying

Trump was his usual self;  what you see is what you get. He makes no bones about what he thinks, and that he believes America needs him now. Bush was bent on attacking him, and Trump kept trying to brush him away like an annoying fly that finally got irritating. Neither of them got in any good jabs, they were so busy fighting off each other. Bush in particular, seems a little lost as to what he stands for, more what he’s against, and that’s Trump. Trump drew many boos from the crowd who seemed to give Rand Paul more applause than anything he said deserved. I guess it’s the location, Vegas is famous for unruly crowds.

Unified Agreement On The Current Administration

One thing all seemed to agree upon was that the President and administration of the past nearly eight years, has not done its job of protecting the American people, and that the insistence on political correctness hampers the ability to seek out those who would harm America. However, nobody put forth a plan with any more teeth in it, than what is currently being used. Only a few suggested putting troops in harm’s way, and with that,  they probably lost the election before the nomination happens.

Some Folks Wanted to Know This

There was one definite statement many were waiting to hear, and that came when Donald Trump declared that he would run on the Republican ticket and not as an Independent.


What conclusions should we draw from this debate? Here are some of my observations and yours may be entirely different. It’s one of the things that make us uniquely human.

  • I think that Cruz and Trump may very well have an agreement between them that they will not attack each other. Their reasons for this are only speculative.
  • I feel that overall, the status quo is the same; nothing has changed in politics in years, and probably isn’t going to this time either.
  • No one brought their “A” game, no one was perfect. There were slips and gaffs on everybody’s part.
  • Moderators were not able to control debaters, and had a tough time getting an answer to their questions, even when asked a second time.
  • Christie was the only one to actually get his point across well.

Other than that, the debate was a waste of a perfectly good night for playing tiddly-winks.


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