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 A Photo Of Your Mother Shortly Before You Were On The Way

Your mother at 15, just before she knew you were on the way. From our family album.

Open Letter To My Granddaughter

Today is February 20, 2016, your birthday. You’re my missing granddaughter, out there….., I know not where. I wrote this page several years ago, and I post it many times, especially on your birthday, February 20th, in hopes that you, or someone, somewhere who knows you will see it and contact us. You were born on February 20, 1975 in the state of Nevada. There are other details of your birth  we know, that I don’t put out to the public. Chances are you may have blue eyes and brown or blond hair, and you’re approximately 5-feet 7-inches tall. That’s only a rough estimate. You may have some resemblance to this photo of your mother, Lisa. When you were born, she was a kid, 15 years old and financially unable to care for you. She made the toughest decision of her life to place you for adoption. After you were born, the nurse said it would be better for her not to hold you, but she insisted on being able to see you before they took you away. They granted her wish, and it was the only time she got to look upon your sweet face.

Here’s A More Recent Photo of Your Mother

Lisa, Age 55 Family Album

Lisa, from
Family Album


My Granddaughter Is Missing

Yes, we feel you are missing, because you are truly missing from our lives. As the years passed, your Mom married, and gave birth to your two sisters and a brother. But she never stopped wondering about you, and she’s been searching for you. Lisa often wonders aloud if you are searching for her too. Since the adoption was a closed one, she was never allowed access to your records, so she has no idea of your name or where you might be.

It’s Possible You Don’t Know You’re Adopted

Lisa and I pondered the question often through the years as to whether you’ve been told that you are adopted. Some adoptive parents do not tell their children for various reasons of their own. Lisa has registered with the agency through which you were adopted, but so far has received no information in return. The one thing they do tell us is that in order for them to open their files, you must be searching for her too.That has not yet happened, so we have no knowledge of what has happened to you. Perhaps you don’t realize you are an adopted child, and that somewhere, your birth mother is trying to find you. We remember your birthdate of February 20, 1975, every year. Are your ears burning? That’s pretty much what we talk about that day all day. If you have any feeling you may have been adopted, please ask questions of your family.

We Ask Nothing Of You

One thing I want to point out is that Lisa and I want nothing from you other than the peace of knowing you and that you are well. Unless it is a mutual desire, we will never ask to be part of your life, or ask you to be part of ours. We will not push you to visit, or to accept our visit. We’d love to meet you, of course, but that is strictly up to you. It will be your choice as to whether we become a part of your life or not, and we will never pursue that avenue if you don’t wish it.

You Have Two Sisters and A Brother


Shown are your twin sisters,

Melissa and Sarah, age 6 and

your brother, Daniel, age 2.

In this photo, Lisa was 30 years old and these are your sisters and brother shown with her. Lisa is now in her 50s and has exhausted all avenues in searching for you. A few things you might like to know about her: Lisa loves all animals, particularly dogs and horses. She’s also been known to feed the squirrels in her yard, until they actually got so tame they came and took food out of her hand. She loves to garden and putter in her yard. One of her fun things to do is grow plants from seeds she gathers from the fruits and vegetables in her kitchen. She has avocado trees and plants that are not supposed to grow where she lives, but they do. She faithfully tends them, making sure they do not get too cold or too hot. Your sisters and your brother are grown now, with their own children, and your mother is now grandmother to their five children. Do you have children? You also have a grandma (me) several aunts, uncles and cousins spread across the U.S. We’d all love to meet you, but it would be up to you how much contact we have with you. We have no intention of trying to replace your adoptive family, we’d just like to be assured of your safety and well-being, and be able to see you at least once.

You can go to either of the links I’ve listed to register to find us. We have already registered to find you. Please take this opportunity to find us….we’ve been looking for you for so long.

 Here are a couple links to help you find us.

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NOTE TO READERS: If you can possibly share this to other sites, I’d appreciate it. It’s important that we spread this post as much as possible. Please, if you can, share it to another site. Hopefully one day, someone, somewhere will see it who is either the woman we’re searching or someone who can help us get in touch with our lost loved one. Thank you for your help.